African Wild

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Enter into the secret world of Africa’s largest and most dangerous animals. Journey into the wilderness… Fly high… and dive deep to experience the daily lives of these animals in a way you never have before. This is life in the African Wild.



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Sep 21st

Big 5 Safari

Join an exclusive Big 5 Safari as a guest in one of South Africa’s most celebrated private game reserves. Witness an array of spectacular wild animal sightings as we take you on a game drive early each morning, and late each afternoon.
Sep 21st


We will take you on a marvelous journey to a small rocky outcrop on the western coast of South Africa where a snowy white, golden-headed, blue-eyed bird dwells. This is the home of the Gannet. It is reputed to dive deeper than any other seabird.
Sep 21st


Journey with us to an island in the dark Atlantic Ocean off the rugged west coast of the African continent; and visit a colony of remarkable birds – the African Penguin. Caring parents, superb anglers and devoted to their mates, these birds have incredible adaptations to their marine way of life.
Sep 22nd


The Okavango Delta in Botswana. The biggest delta in the world, bursting at the seams with life – some of which is found nowhere else on the planet. Follow us on this amazing journey through the waterways and byways of this ancient place deep in the heart of Africa’s wilderness and marvel at its beauty.