American Restoration


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Oct 30th

Strong Arm

Rick braces himself for a tussle when a client brings in a 1950 s arm wrestling game. Can he pin the golden gripper or will he be the one down for the count? And later, Kelly decides to take on a bigger role at the shop as the crew works to restore a washing machine from the 1930 s.
Oct 30th

Phony Baloney

Rick and the crew work to restore a miniature Model T when a customer picks it out of the boneyard. A fire fighter brings in a vintage 1930's forest field service phone for transformation. Kowboy is enraged when he discovers that someone has been stealing his lunch out of the shop's refrigerator.
Oct 30th

Soda Jerks

A client has high expectations of Rick and the crew when he agrees to a $10,000 restoration of his 1950's soda fountain. A repeat customer challenges the guys to revive his vintage phone booth. Kelly thinks Rick works too much and challenges him to spend some time away from the shop.
Oct 30th

Prank War

Rick suits up to restore a basketball arcade game from the 1950 s but problems with its electronics force him to enter into a unique business agreement. At the shop, a simple disagreement between Tyler and Ron escalates into an all-out prank war. Later, Rick and the team are challenged by a client to make an antique barber chair resemble his Shelby Cobra.
Nov 1st

Pimp Chum's Ride

Pawn Star Chumlee rolls into the shop with a 1950's Murray pedal car and a specific vision for how he wants it restored. Will Rick agree with his request for a tricked out ride or persuade him to go for a more classic restoration? Later, the crew works to fix up a 1965 Honda Superhawk that hasn't run since the 80s and is missing one key part.
Nov 1st


The shop s super strength is tested when a 1940 s Hi-Striker carnival game is dropped off for restoration. Can Rick and his guys ring the bell or will the crew strike out? Later, the guys hammer away at fixing up a rare, handmade nail gun from the 1800 s.
Nov 1st

Busted Beemer

A customer brings by a disassembled 59 BMW motorcycle with a side car for Rick to restore. Will he be able to return the bike to its glory days or will missing parts force him to abandon the project? Later, the guys work on an antique pencil dispenser that will be auctioned off for a special cause and Rick is visited by a Picker who has some unique items for sale.
Nov 1st

Planes and Flames

Rick is contacted by Nellis Air Force Base to restore their replica of an F-105 fighter jet. Will the crew be able to execute their plan of attack to restore the fighter, or will they miss the mark and abort the mission? Later, Tyler s skills are challenged when a unique Buffalo Forge Grill rolls into the shop requiring a much needed tune up.
Nov 1st

Secret Fan

It's a restoration race to the finish line for Rick and his team when a client cruises in with a 1960's go-kart. Can they masterfully mend this miniature motor vehicle, or will this project be a karting catastrophe? And later, Tyler conspires to fix up a 1950's fan as a gift to Rick for Father's Day. Can he briskly breeze through this covert quest, or will a minor blunder blow this stealthy son's surprise?
Nov 1st

Picks & Rick

When a prominent Vegas Pawn Star hauls in a crumbling 1957 Chevy 150, Rick and his team accelerate at breakneck speed to overhaul this classic clunker. Can they restore this retro rust-bucket, or will this project stall-out before they reach the finish line? And later, a couple of American Pickers show up hoping to sell some of their varied vintage valuables. Will Rick pluck a premium prize from a collection of rusty relics, or will these sizable scraps be nothing but junk?