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Dec 6th

Cooler Kings

Rick buys a 1950's Coke cooler with plans to convert it into the holy grail of Coke collectibles: the Hot Dog Cooler Grill. Capable of simultaneously cooling sodas and cooking weenies this machine is the Cadillac of Coke coolers. Can the team handle this duel climate barbecue machine, or will the hot dogs end up on ice? And later, when the Pawn Stars come by with a broken down barber's pole things get hairy when electricity proves that Rick dated this antique back to the wrong century. Can Rick's team give this project the trim it needs, or will this clip-job be too close for comfort.
Dec 6th

Safe Keeping

When an antique candy machine from the 1950s arrives at the shop, Rick's team has their hands full - and not just with sweets. Can the crew turn this rusty pile of parts into the luxury theater machine it once was, or will this candy dispensing contraption remain rotten passed the credits? And Later, without the combination, the guys have to find a way to open a giant antique safe before they can begin restoring it. Can they unlock the door to the restoration of their dreams, or will this project's potential remain locked behind eight inches of solid steel for all of eternity?
Dec 6th

Buttered Up

A local picker pays Rick Dale a visit with a truckload of rust laden loot. After spotting an old toy train, Rick hops on-board to buy it. Can Rick and his team get this locomotive up to full steam or will an unseen obstacle force it off its tracks? And later, the guys are asked to restore an antique popcorn machine from 1948 back to its original hot popping glory. Can they serve it up with butter, or will this project just get soggy?
Dec 6th


Rick and his team have a chance to restore a prohibition era slot machine, will they take a backroom gamble and hit the restoration jackpot or will this one-armed bandit walk off with all their winnings? And later, when a 1940's Pepsi cooler comes in for an icey overhaul, will an archaic bottle of pop distract the team, or will this frosty cooler quench the teams thirst for soda salvation?
Dec 6th

Pumped Up

Rick and his brother Ron take a road trip to a dusty desert salvage-yard to rummage for some beat-up antiques to flip for cash. Will they find a hidden oasis brimming with profit potential or will they get lost wandering the wasteland? And later, Rick takes a restoration risk and auctions off a 1920s visible gas pump. Can he "filler-up" with bids for a big pay out, or will the bidders run out gas before he breaks even?
Dec 6th


It's game on for Rick and his team when they restore an early 1900s strength-testing punching bag game. Can Rick knock-out this challenge with the old one-two punch, or will this rock 'em, sock 'em heavyweight project prove too big to go down? And later, the crew is under a tight deadline to fix up an antique railroad strongbox. Can they turn the key and keep the restoration on track, or will this old gold-guarding box remain rusted shut forever?
Dec 6th

Apples and X-Rays

Rick and his team have a chance to restore an extremely rare department store x-ray machine from the 1940s used to fit shoes. Can Rick put his best foot forward to safely service this radiation discharging device from head to toe or will this item prove to be too hazardous to everyone's health? And later, a first grade teacher brings in a mechanical apple corer and peeler from the 1880s. Will the crew take a bite out of this project and make the grade or will one rotten apple spoil the bunch?
Dec 6th

Rev'd Up

When a client brings in an extremely rare British motorcycle from the 1950s, Rick sets the speed for this matchless mission. Can he steer clear of any old time obstacles, or will this project crash and burn before the finish line? And later, the team has to put their two cents into the restoration of a 1940's Accurate Weight penny scale. Can they correctly calibrate this contraption, or will this hefty undertaking cause them to break the scales?
Dec 6th

Suck Up

After an antique railroad vacuum used to clean train carriages rolls into the shop, Rick and his team attempt to spotlessly service this colossal cleaning contraption. Will he be able to keep this tremendous task spic and span, or will this pristine project run rapidly off the rails? And later, a client requests a retro restoration of his childhood red wagon. Can the team navigate the rough road to complete this classic cart, or will this tattered toy be nothing but hell on wheels?
Dec 6th

Duck and Cover

Rick and his team take a trip out to a local Las Vegas museum to restore a civil defense air raid siren from 1957. Can they withstand this nuclear restoration, or will they fail to duck and cover? And later, a client brings in a turn-of-the-century, nickel-plated cash register. Will the team ring up this cash counting machine to a pleasing profit, or will this classic calculator crash in financial failure?