America's Book of Secrets


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Sep 27th

Lost Treasures

American treasure hunters are convinced that there are missing fortunes just waiting to be discovered all around the country. But is it a harmless hobby, or do treasure hunters find themselves locked in a battle with other searchers--or even the government? We'll investigate the deepest mysteries of missing millions. From secret stashes of Confederate gold bullion, to silver coins and antique weapons, treasure hunters are scouring the country for hidden clues that might lead them to untold riches. How do they decode encrypted treasure maps? In 1971, $200,000 went missing in America's only unsolved airplane hijacking. Can following the money help to uncover the true identity of mysterious hijacker D.B. Cooper? Could secret agreements with criminal art dealers help the FBI to solve America's biggest art heist? Is it possible that even our country's history is under threat from thieves and crooks?
Sep 27th

Hell's Angels

No club in America is more secretive than the Hells Angels. Members are forbidden to publically discuss their biker brotherhood and others who have "insider" information are too afraid to talk... until now. Get the real story about the Hells Angels from all sides--from motorcycle world insiders to club infiltrators to law enforcement officials. Special Agent, Jay Dobyns, exposes the shocking reasons why he feels the U.S. government is failing in the war against motorcycle clubs. Charles Falco, a government informant now in the Witness Protection Program, divulges the secrets he learned about the Hells Angels during the time he spent as an undercover outlaw motorcycle gang member. How were the Hells Angels able to transform themselves from a small crew of California bikers, dedicated to booze and babes, to an international criminal syndicate--one the FBI says poses a threat to six continents and a corporation worth millions of dollars?
Sep 27th

American Terrorists

Political dissidents... armed to kill. Sociopathic outsiders... harboring hatred. Religious zealots... plotting mass destruction. And all of them hiding in plain sight. But just who are these killers in our midst and is there any way to stop them? This episode delves into the world of terrorism on American soil and reveals how authorities are working to stop these radical groups. Deputy Chief of LAPD Counter Terrorism Michael Downing reveals terrorists recruiting tactics in American prisons. Former Sergeant of the Massachusetts State Police Sean Murphy recounts the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers. And journalist Laura Sullivan describes how today's new terrorists may be as close as your next-door neighbor. With an estimated tens of thousands of terrorists operating in the United States, can Americans ever reclaim the peace and security that was once taken for granted? Is there any chance of winning the so-called "war on terror?"