Auction Kings

About the show

Buyers in the Atlanta area searching for those one-of-a-kind items -- a vampire hunting kit, anyone? -- know exactly where to go, but the quantity is always limited and the prices fluid. "Auction Kings" follows the action at Gallery 63, a storied auction house in Hotlanta with a reputation for selling both bizarre and high-end items. Its owner, Paul Brown, manages his feisty staff and mingles with his customers, bidders and buyers who come from all walks of life.


Upcoming episodes

Feb 24th

Talladega Nights Fire Suit/Hydroplane

This week at Gallery 63, a pit crew suit from the movie Talladega Nights brings out Cindy’s inner redneck; a custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat pushes Paul’s aquatic skills to the test; and a guitar labeled “Bigsby” arrives that could be worth a quarter of a million dollars.
Feb 24th

Jefferson's Desk/Jeu de Course

This week at Gallery 63, a seller claims he has President Thomas Jefferson’s desk; Jon tries his luck with an antique horse racing game, and Paul gives his teenage son Elijah a shot at his first consignment – a 2.5-ton US Army truck that can drive underwater!
Feb 24th

Buckets of Silver/USS Yorktown Locker

This week at Gallery 63, a seller brings in buckets full of sterling silver; a father and son consigns a seaman’s locker from the USS Yorktown, and Jon takes in a Kidde Ride that pays homage to WWI Ace, the Red Baron.
Feb 24th

Star Wars Stormtrooper/Mustang Motorcycle

This week at Gallery 63, a rare 1956 Mustang Pony motorcycle goes on the block; Delfino consigns his first item – an eardrum-shattering siren; and a Star Wars enthusiast retires his Stormtrooper costume.
Feb 24th

Drive-In Speakers/Royal Saddle

This week at Gallery 63, Paul sells a super sleek Dodge Viper that he’s on the hook for; a seller brings in a saddle that may be from the king of Morocco; and Delfino tries to get a pair of classic Drive-In Movie Speakers to work for auction.
Feb 24th

U-Boat Telescope/Helen Keller Letter

This week at Gallery 63, Paul decides to sell a pair of larger-than-life bronze horses that have stood guard at Gallery 63 for years; 2 rare letters from Norman Rockwell and Helen Keller go on the block; and a seller claims his old WWII telescope came from a German U-boat!
Feb 26th

M16/Butt-Activated Musical Chair

This week at Gallery 63, a giant M16 Training Rifle comes in; a seller consigns a vintage Vendorama Pen Dispenser; and music is in the chair when Cindy takes in an ornate 19th Century seat that literally plays music.
Feb 26th

WW1 Trench Knife/Opium License

This week at Gallery 63, Paul’s go-to motorcycle expert brings in a 1975 Condor Swiss Military Motorcycle; Jon takes in a mean looking WWI Trench Knife; and Paul’s son Elijah tries a new business venture with an opium license and a slave warrant.
Feb 26th

Michael Jordan Motorcycle, Candle Stick Phone

This week at Gallery 63, Jon hits the road to pick an antique telephone; Paul takes in 2 paintings by legendary sports artist, Leroy Neiman; a local rapper brings in a souped-up motorcycle, modified by Michael Jordan’s racing team.
Feb 26th

Sugar Ray Leonard’s Benz, WWII Dive Suit

This week at Gallery 63, Sugar Ray Leonard’s first Mercedes Benz drives onto the block; a rare WWII US Navy Dive Suit is up for grabs; and a License Plate Map of the USA prompts a clash of opinions.