Aussie Gold Hunters


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Feb 2nd

Episode 8

"Andrew has a hunch that the historic Mountain Maid gold mine might have a few moregolden surprises left in store, but it quickly starts to look like the old timers left nothing butrubbish in their wake.It’s finally time for the Poseidon crew to break ground on the Big Licence but a devastatingdiscovery threatens to derail their season and send thousands of dollars down the drain.Shane and Russell head 200km north in search of a new lease but quickly discover there is noplace like home as wrong turns and wild dogs cause lost time and sleepless nights."
Feb 3rd

Episode 9

"Kim delivers an undersized excavator to the Ferals that forces Rob to consider quitting theteam barely half way through their season.Marcus and Linden are racing against the clock on a pending lease due to go public in just 3days but an altercation with another prospector leaves them with little more than scrapmetal and major concerns for their future.Geologist Kristy O’Conner lends a hand to the Goldtimers and they take to the sky to seewhat hidden gems their lease may have instore, but is it too little too late for the flounderingteam?"
Feb 6th

Season 7 Episode 1

The Poseidon Crew are poised to secure gold ground that could hold multi-million- dollar nuggets as Jacqui and Andrew venture into the extreme crocodile and snake wilderness of far North Queensland while The Ferals take a huge gamble on a remote island expedition.
Feb 7th

Season 7 Episode 2

Brent Shannon’s gold dream lives or dies at this week’s weigh-in while Shane and Russell venture out on a gruelling 3000km expedition as new team the Gold Retrievers, unearth a bumper payday.
Feb 8th

Season 7 Episode 3

A disastrous fire cripples the Goldtimers season before they begin while Marcus and Linden gamble on a new lease and expensive earthmoving machinery as The Ferals are forced to launch a rescue mission when Rob goes missing.
Feb 9th

Season 7 Episode 4

Jacqui and Andrew are stranded in the dangerous tropical wilderness of the Palmer River region while Shane and Russell could finally hit a rich patch of nuggets and the Poseidon Crew face a critical meeting that could deliver multi- million-dollar nuggets.
Feb 10th

Season 7 Episode 5

Winter storms cripple the Gold Retrievers’ new $35,000 dryblower and wet paydirt forces Shane and Russell to shut down their plant as the pressure to find thousands of dollars of gold a week could finally tear The Ferals apart.
Feb 13th

Season 7 Episode 6

The Poseidon Crew are forced to hunt Victoria’s frozen high country and the Goldtimers use the last of their savings on big machinery, as Marcus, Linden and Dale dig deep to uncover gold rich ground.
Feb 14th

Season 7 Episode 7

The Goldtimers gamble their last $6,000, while Brad and Chris get expert advice that lands them on the gold, and the Ferals face a killer snake.
Feb 15th

Season 7 Episode 8

The Poseidon Crew hunt a remote mountain pass while in Far North Queensland a gold drought puts huge pressure on Jacqui & Andrew’s partnership, and husband and wife, Levi and Bridget, are left to hunt alone as the Ferals hunt the extreme Pilbara region.