Aussie Gold Hunters


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Sep 25th

Episode 2

"The Dirt Dogs’ Heap Leach plant is in trouble and bleeding their bank account dry. Adding to thepressure are extremely poor test results that show the gold pour from the plant could be tens ofthousands of dollars short of what’s expected. But smart thinking could turn things around anddeliver their biggest gold ever.It’s D-Day for rookie crew, The Scrappers, as they finally look to make it onto the goldfields, butthey’re running hours behind. After eight months constructing their homemade gold processingmachine it could be delayed if they can’t get the plant onto the trailers and out to the goldfieldsbefore sundown. Tensions flare as a truck gets bogged a kilometre from their lease.Daughter Tyler joins husband & wife prospecting team, Ted & Lecky Mahoney. These superexperienced prospectors hedge their bets on a huge Salt Lake where temperatures often exceedforty-five degrees Celsius."
Sep 26th

Episode 3

"Thieves are running wild across the goldfields, causing the Dirt Dogs to make a high-speed chasein pursuit of two brazen poachers.While the Dogs could be looking at a $320,000 payday from last week’s gold pour, they also knowthere was some copper in their bush bar, making it a nervous wait for the final results of tests atthe Mint.Adding to Vern’s stress is the need to find a replacement for his best mate Leon, who quit theteam at the start of the season. He manages to hire his young nephew Brad, but will he havewhat it takes to fill Leon’s boots and help them reach their million-dollar target?Thieves also strike a devastating blow for Rick Fishers as he’s robbed and left stranded in remotebush, while the Mahoneys tackle their huge new lease and unearth what could be a gamechangingamount of gold."
Sep 27th

Episode 4

"The Dirt Dogs have run out of gold-rich pay dirt and are forced to move their massive goldhunting operation in an attempt to salvage their million-dollar season.The new site delivered big gold for Vern twenty years ago and he’s hoping their huge dry blowerand modern detector coils will uncover gold that wasn’t found back then.Gold Gypsies, Chris and Greg Clark, will stop at nothing to reach their eighty thousand dollar goldtarget this season. They work into the night to unearth a bumper haul of gold before Greg takesthe excavator on a risky shortcut down a steep slope.Meanwhile, Rick Fishers drives deep into a remote lease that once produced gold nuggets the sizeof potatoes. Rick soon discovers that it’s still a rich hunting ground, but within hours of arriving heinjures his knee and faces a devastating end to his season."
Sep 28th

Episode 5

"Less than a quarter of the way to their million-dollar season target, Dirt Dog Vern and his daughterCarly are hungry to find a gold-bearing reef that could catapult their season tally. Vern’s convincedthat a fault collision point is the geological sign that proves its existence, but after two years ofsearching there’s still no gold. Will a hunt on his birthday provide the lucky break the Dogsdesperately need?After eight months of construction and delays, The Scrappers are finally ready to fire up their goldprocessing wash-plant on the red dirt of Western Australia. Has it survived the 400-kilometre road tripto the edge of the country’s largest desert? Will Alex deliver the gold-rich pay dirt that will get themon the scoreboard?Ted & Lecky take a gamble on an historic junkyard hoping to detect more ancient gold nuggetsamongst a graveyard of car wrecks."
Sep 29th

Episode 6

"The Mahoneys have found less than a third of their ninety-six thousand dollar season target and asthe pressure to find gold mounts, Tyler unearths a gold ring with a series of cryptic numbers in thedesign. Ted’s got a hunch it could lead to gold and employs a local historian to make sense of themysterious find. Will it lead to the gold they urgently need or take them on a fruitless journey acrossthe harsh outback?After being forced off the goldfields by a severe injury to his knee, Rick Fishers has rushed back ontoan old lease much sooner than doctors’ orders. If he can’t find enough gold to cover his six thousanddollar medical bill, his gold hunting dream could be over.The Gold Gypsies also need to get on gold as the pressure mounts to hit their target. Could theirprayers be answered when an old creek bed unearths a huge discovery?Rick Fishers"
Oct 1st

Episode 7

"The Dirt Dogs’ stalled “Heap Leach” project is at crisis point. After a recent gold pour from theplant that lost the Dogs $175,000, Vern wants his business partner Marko to help finance the costof the next pour. Marko doesn’t have money to invest and is forced from the operation. Will it bean amicable split or will the 18-month partnership end with a costly bitter pill to swallow?Rick Fishers needs just $9,000 to reach target but stiff competition for a new pending leaseforces him to buy a short ride in a helicopter to outrun the opposition. If he wins the lease - will itdeliver gold?The Scrappers are forced to shut down their wash plant to retrieve gold from one of their leasesbefore poachers steal it all. But will this diversion pay off or put the team even further behindtheir season target?Scrappers"
Oct 1st

Episode 8

"The Dirt Dogs’ ‘Heap Leach’ plant is sabotaged and the operation is vital to reaching their massivemillion-dollar target. In a bid to salvage the plant and their season, Vern hires more manpower andshuts down their other two plants to pull in Jake & Brad to help get the heap producing gold again.But will the costly rescue plan be enough? Or will Brad’s high tech geological survey at Pharaohs Findbe the Dogs’ saviour this week?Rick Fishers needs just four ounces of gold to reach target so he enlists the help of a professionalgeologist to pinpoint gold on his new lease. Using geochemical soil data, Rick looks poised tofinish his season until the geologist goes missing.As the Mahoneys race to get to a potentially gold-rich lease they’ve been locked out of for eightyears, they’re challenged by unscrupulous competition that could derail their hunt."
Oct 1st

Episode 9

"The Scrappers are on the hunt for more gold-rich pay dirt to keep their DIY wash plant “Scrappy”pushing out gold, but Alex has to risk the perils of snake ridden “Snake Hill” to convince his teamthat the remote ground is worth digging up and trucking back to basecamp.After unearthing a $25,000 nugget just weeks earlier, Rick Fishers struggles with forty-five degreeheat in a last ditch effort to find the three and a half ounces of gold he needs to reach his seasontarget. Will he decide to battle the extreme heat or call an early end to his season?Gold Gypsies’ Greg Clark makes a three thousand-kilometre mercy dash to the other side ofAustralia to be at his sick father’s bedside. Meanwhile Chris stays back at their Taurus lease alone,to hunt for gold in a desperate bid to keep their season target alive."
Oct 2nd

Episode 10

"The Gold Gypsies, Greg & Chris Clark, are at breaking point when they discover signs of poachersstealing gold from their lease. Greg’s convinced the thieves will return and executes a late-nightstakeout in a bid to confront them face-to-face and get back any gold they’ve stolen.Dirt Dog Vern Strange has also had enough of gold thieves and hires an old mate and ex-militaryman Brownie to take charge of security on the Dogs’ sites. Brownie rigs their operation withsecurity cameras in an attempt to gather hard evidence on the perpetrators.With just a few weeks left in their season, the Scrappers are still chasing more than sixty-two ouncesof their one hundred ounce season target. A critical breakdown of their wet plant conveyor systemdoes nothing to help their flagging season and sends Rod and Eric off-site to salvage scrap parts thatcould repair the broken conveyor roller."
Oct 3rd

Episode 11

"The Scrappers are just over halfway to their season target and bleeding money. Alex decides tobring in machinery and push on a section of their Kings Hill lease called Relief Creek. He’sconvinced it holds the key to fast track their strike rate and a much-needed cash injection. ButAlex is forced to fly back to England and sell one of his small businesses to cash flow his golddream.The Gold Gypsies are desperate to find their final thirty ounces to reach target. After a flurry ofsmall nuggets, they venture to a remote creek bed on their Taurus lease and unearth a surprisefind.Earlier in the season, the Mahoneys unearthed six ounces of surface nuggets at their 8-Mile lease andthey’re now returning to find more. But will their $5,000 investment on a hired loader deliver thefifteen ounces they need to reach their season target?"