Black Gold


Upcoming episodes

Jun 8th

There’s A Storm Brewing

Cheston McElhaney begs for his job back and gets it. A missing $50,000 bit shuts down drilling and Oscar pursues a suspect, but roughneck betrayal sends Big Dog’s biggest asset Brandon on a rampage.
Jun 9th

Brandon’s Battle

Brandon’s war with his demons catches up with him, and Aaron Wheeler presses felony assault charges. Driller Brandon is forced to turn himself into the Federal Marshalls.
Jun 12th

Truce & Termination

Rig 28 struggles without their biggest asset, driller Brandon Watson. Josh Wheeler tries to “Ride, Rank, Make Bank,” at the rodeo. Tank Hannon shows up to settle the score after he lost his title to Cheston McElhaney last year in a bar room brawl.
Jun 13th


Rig 28 feels the heat as a rival driller pays Oscar and his crew a visit. The competition gets a little close for comfort as the crew finishes the third and final hole in Big Dog’s challenge. News of their bonuses comes in.
Jun 14th

A Boom in West Texas

Three drilling rigs enter the race for Black Gold, but they get off to a rough start. Mechanical issues slow down the Viking. Peanut, the smallest Longhorn roughneck, has an accident that may keep him out of the oilfield for good. Big Dog Driller Tim has a birthday he’ll never forget.
Jun 15th

Keep It Drilling

Longhorn Driller Gerald has problems with both his crew and his well. Wayne and his roughnecks on the brand-new Viking rig are finally making progress. Driller Justin and the Big Dog crew struggle to save what has turned into “The Well from Hell.”
Jun 16th

Digging Deep

Gerald’s Longhorn crew has drill bit problems as they close in on the pay zone. One of the roughnecks on Wayne’s Viking crew has a career-threatening injury. On the Big Dog, Driller Justin teaches the crew’s rookie on the rig and on the town.
Jun 19th

Blood and Guts

Big Dog Driller Justin has his first doubts about Derek, the rig’s worm. Driller Wayne and the brand-new Viking rig struggle to reach total depth. Gerald rides his Longhorn crew hard during a rig move and one of his roughnecks is injured.
Jun 20th

Enough is Enough

Two roughnecks are injured during Viking’s rig move. Justin and his Big Dog crew are struggling to finally finish their first well, but unreliable worm Derek is holding them back. And on Longhorn, Driller Gerald pushes his roughnecks past their breaking point.
Jun 21st

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Big Dog moves to its new home, but old tensions still flare between Derek and Justin. The Viking rig overcomes killer snakes and killer hangovers to reach oil. Josh and his young crew take over on the Longhorn and oilman Mike LaMonica isn’t happy about it.