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Dec 4th

Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack

The lake at the cottage is not open for winter fishing so the brothers Andrew and Kevin decide they need a mobile ice fishing shack they can haul into the middle of a frozen lake. But it’s not just going to be any old shack — the brothers, together with their engineer pal Walker, are aiming for something that can rightfully be called the Ultimate Ice Fishing Shack.
Dec 4th

Ultimate Hockey Rink

A weekend winter getaway has been a family cottage tradition for brothers Andrew and Kevin for years. Their friends come in force looking to beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of crisp winter air and good-natured banter. This year, the brothers decide to build the Ultimate Hockey Rink to keep the masses entertained. Complete with rink side food and bevies, a lawnmower-turned-ice resurfacer, and their very own trophy — The Manly Cup — this promises to be a spirited game of stick and puck that rivals the pros in entertainment value.
Dec 4th

Ultimate Breakfast Bar

Warmer days and cold nights bring brothers Andrew and Kevin to the cottage with sweet dreams on their minds and maple syrup supplies in their hands. Having always wanted to take part in this quintessential springtime food harvest, the brothers are armed with ambition but not a lot more. Luckily, their trusted engineer pal Walker is along for the ride to help keep the boys on track. Together, the trio set out to create the Ultimate Breakfast Bar: a homemade sap evaporator that, in true Brojects fashion, is more than meets the eye.
Dec 4th

Mobile Mini Cottage

With springtime just around the corner, the anticipation of warm weather and longer days gets brothers Andrew and Kevin dreaming about adventures they can do in cottage country. With plenty of beautiful beaches, pristine parks, and lakeside campgrounds scattered throughout the area, the boys decide that they need to be able to take their cottage with them on their adventures. Thus, is born the Brojects Mobile Mini Cottage.
Dec 4th

The Browling Alley

Unable to decide whether to build a new bowling alley or a new dock for their cottage property, brothers Andrew and Kevin decide to do both, combining two ideas into one: the Brojects Browling Alley is a floating wooden boat dock that will also double as a ten-pin bowling lane, complete with gutters, a mechanical pinsetter and a ball return system. But will the bros turn out to be the kingpins of the lake or just pinheads?
Dec 4th

The Ultimate Swim-Up Bar

Inspired by the swim-up bars at Caribbean resorts, brothers Andrew and Kevin set out to construct one of their own at their lakeside cottage property, highlighted by underwater seating, a floating pool table and a gleaming bartop made entirely out of nickels that the bros nickname, “The Barnickel”. With summer in full swing and the temperatures soaring, it’s time to beat the heat by paddling a canoe over to the Brojects Ultimate Swim-Up Bar.
Dec 5th

The Floating Golf Course

There’s no avoiding the water hazard at the most unique golf course in all of cottage country. On their lakeside property, brothers Andrew and Kevin are re-imagining the game of golf for the water, putting all nine holes of the Floating Golf Course entirely on the lake itself and designing an equally inventive way to get around the links.
Dec 5th

The Workshop

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that brothers Andrew and Kevin need more than a workshop at their lakeside cottage property. But with a mandate from their parents to keep the projects small and out of sight, the bros realize they might have bitten off more than they can chew after a two-and-a-half ton shipping container they intended to re-purpose for this project gets stuck in the driveway.
Dec 5th

The Ultimate Beach Party

For brothers Andrew and Kevin, summers by the lake at their cottage property lack for only one thing: a beach. It’s a situation that they plan to rectify immediately in their quest to host the Ultimate Beach Party. A truckload of sand later and they quickly realize why it takes Mother Nature millennia to craft a beautiful beach. With a tiki bar, open fire spit, tropical cocktails and DIY hula hoops still to build – this is a beach party, Brojects style.
Dec 5th

The Ultimate Kids’ Fort

Last year, brothers Andrew and Kevin together with their engineer pal, Walker, set out to build a playground at their cottage property for their kids but what they came up with was unsafe, unattractive and ultimately, unused. The boys may be used to failure, but they are determined to remain heroes in the eyes of their children for as long as possible. With pride on the line, they ‘re determined to redeem themselves this time around -- or else face the scorn of their wives again -- by tackling the quintessential kids project: a tree fort.