Combat Dealers


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Sep 25th


The fall of Berlin and Hitler’s final retreat into the bunker, hold a special fascination for lots of collectors, so when Bruce hears that a Russian Oligarch is after large items linked to the battle, he tasks the twins with getting his enormous German anti-aircraft gun ready to fire.  But it’s missing a crucial part, the breach.  This poses a unique challenge that sends Bruce all over Europe to find the missing part for the gun and ready it for sale.  Along the way he encounters some incredible artefacts, including Hitler’s sofa, but back in Blighty, will the gang get the gun firing in time to do a deal with the rich Russian.
Sep 26th


As an ex-paratrooper Bruce has always had a soft spot for the Parachute Regiment, so when he hears that an old contact in Arnhem has some rare para items for sale; he grabs Freddy and heads to Holland.  The site of the infamous failed operation, Market Garden, where thousands of allied troops lost their lives is hallowed ground for modern day paratroopers and with the 80th anniversary of the Parachute Regiment coming up in a couple of years’ time, Bruce expects relics connected to this iconic story to fly off the shelves.  Back at base the twins fix up a paratroopers’ lightweight motorbike and Hus takes the plunge; jumping out of an aeroplane to prove his valour to the team.
Sep 27th


The 75th Anniversary of VE day is fast approaching and Bruce is determined to celebrate the most important victory in history as only he can. He sends two of his rarest German halftrack vehicles to the Victory Show in Leicestershire to take part in a huge Victory battle re-enactment and travels to France in search of Victory in Europe Day relics that mark the end of world war two. In the workshop, the twins fix up an M3A1, a vehicle that famously drove into liberated cities at the end of the war. At the Crompton residence Bruce holds a very special VE Day party for local veterans and their families. The occasion is complete with VE Day bathtub gin, made in Winston Churchill’s bath, fireworks and a 3-gun mortar salute to remember the brave souls who didn’t make it to the final days of the war.
Sep 28th


Bruce is asked to help restore a Lancaster bomber. During the second world war it was Bomber Command’s most successful aircraft. Over 7000 were built but there are now only 17 left in the world so being asked to help rebuild one is a huge honour. Bruce and Freddie begin their journey with a trip to see the aircraft at Lincoln Aviation Heritage Centre where are treated to a guided tour and are even allowed to stay onboard while the fearsome engines are fired up.
Sep 29th


Biggin Hill’s Heritage Hangar are looking to expand their museum and are on the hunt for a fully operational Sherman tank that will play a central part in a new exhibition celebrating the American General, “Old Blood and Guts” himself, George S. Patton. Bruce’s tank has seen better days, but he’s determined to beat the competition and secure the deal.
Oct 1st


Military wheeler-dealer Bruce Crompton has been asked to put on a display at his local Country Fare. Bruce’s sees this as a great opportunity to raise business. To get noticed he wants to publicly swim a German Army vehicle called a Schwimmwagen and goes on the hunt for one abandoned in Normandy after WWII. If he can track it down it would be worth a fortune. Meanwhile money-man Hus and the twins try to fix a beast of a motorbike; a wartime Harley Davidson. To sell it, it must work, but the ‘Horrible Harley’ won’t even start. It’s sink or schwimm time.
Oct 1st


Bruce wants to bag himself a mega-rich customer in the form of Russian Oligarch Slava; one of the biggest collectors in the business. After luring him back to his workshops with an offer to drive and a shoot his rare German Hetzer tank, Bruce must get it, and other guns and vehicles, working and ready to sell. The tank needs an engine and a machine gun and the twins have to fix it in time for the Russian’s visit. Meanwhile, Bruce heads off to the former Eastern bloc and discovers there are still rare finds to be had, including those at a former secret Soviet airfield.
Oct 1st


Bruce rises to a challenge to do a D-Day parachute jump in Normandy. Although an ex- Para himself, he hasn’t properly jumped in over 30 years. Deciding to do it authentically he sets about finding and buying genuine WWII paratrooper uniforms and kit. Bruce is also looking to fix, do-up and sell two classic wartime vehicles; a British Army armoured car called a Dingo and an American Willy’s jeep. That means twin mechanics Nick and Phil, must work double-time to find the faults and fix them. And Ian hunts for a machine gun that would have been mounted on the back.
Oct 2nd


Ten years in the making. Bruce’s proudest achievement and the twins biggest ever restoration project. The completion of the Panther finally comes to fruition. But not before some last-minute dramas. With the deadline for completion brought forward, the twins have their work cut out. First, they need to build the gearbox; hundreds of moving parts need to be assembled in exactly the right order, with only the original manual to help them.  Once built, the twins face the delicate task of dropping it into the tank’s belly by crane; preferably without squashing Nick in the process. Next up the turret needs to be craned on too, it weighs a few tonnes but needs to align just so. But that’s not all, the twins hit a speed bump with the restoration. The ignition switch seems to be malfunctioning.
Oct 3rd


Bruce lands a new client that catapults his business into the next century. Computer games company Rebellion want to 3D scan items from the Blitz so they can include super accurate digital models in their World War 2 computer games. Stocks of blitz items are low, so Bruce and Freddie hit the road, visiting dealers across the country. They track down an impressive array of items that tell stories from the darkest days of the war.