Combat Dealers


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Mar 30th


Bruce lands a new client that catapults his business into the next century. Computer games company Rebellion want to 3D scan items from the Blitz so they can include super accurate digital models in their World War 2 computer games. Stocks of blitz items are low, so Bruce and Freddie hit the road, visiting dealers across the country. They track down an impressive array of items that tell stories from the darkest days of the war.
Mar 31st


It’s a spy mission like no other. Bruce has been commissioned by Canadian author & historian, David O’Keefe to find items related to Bond author, Ian Fleming. Fleming was a British Intelligence Officer during WW2 and was at the heart of Naval Intelligence, devising schemes to thwart the Nazis and gather vital information for the allies.
Apr 3rd


Military wheeler-dealer Bruce Crompton has been asked to put on a display at his local Country Fare. Bruce’s sees this as a great opportunity to raise business. To get noticed he wants to publicly swim a German Army vehicle called a Schwimmwagen and goes on the hunt for one abandoned in Normandy after WWII. If he can track it down it would be worth a fortune. Meanwhile money-man Hus and the twins try to fix a beast of a motorbike; a wartime Harley Davidson. To sell it, it must work, but the ‘Horrible Harley’ won’t even start. It’s sink or schwimm time.
Apr 4th


Bruce wants to bag himself a mega-rich customer in the form of Russian Oligarch Slava; one of the biggest collectors in the business. After luring him back to his workshops with an offer to drive and a shoot his rare German Hetzer tank, Bruce must get it, and other guns and vehicles, working and ready to sell. The tank needs an engine and a machine gun and the twins have to fix it in time for the Russian’s visit. Meanwhile, Bruce heads off to the former Eastern bloc and discovers there are still rare finds to be had, including those at a former secret Soviet airfield.
Apr 5th


Bruce rises to a challenge to do a D-Day parachute jump in Normandy. Although an ex- Para himself, he hasn’t properly jumped in over 30 years. Deciding to do it authentically he sets about finding and buying genuine WWII paratrooper uniforms and kit. Bruce is also looking to fix, do-up and sell two classic wartime vehicles; a British Army armoured car called a Dingo and an American Willy’s jeep. That means twin mechanics Nick and Phil, must work double-time to find the faults and fix them. And Ian hunts for a machine gun that would have been mounted on the back.
Apr 6th


Military WW2 dealer Bruce Compton takes money-man Hus on a picking trip to Germany. Hus gets worried exploring a dealer’s military junkyard when they discover a nuclear core from a secret Nazi nuclear testing factory. Back in the UK the danger mounts as Bruce tests the impact different explosives have on vehicles in a bid to solve a mystery about what kind of explosion could have blown a hole in his 8 tonne German Army truck. Meanwhile, the engineering skills of the twins are put to the test as they re-commission a WWII PAK 40 mortar gun ready to shoot, to impress a possible buyer.
Apr 7th


Things are not going well for Bruce Crompton. His wife is threatening to clear out the messy warehouse where he stockpiles his military kit; he paid well over the odds for a rusty shell of a German Army transport vehicle; and the twins can’t fix a WWII vehicle called a Kübelwagen, made by Volkswagen. But his luck is due to change. In amongst the clear out he finds an incredible pair of trousers made in a German concentration camp, that are worth thousands. And a Military historian discovers the rusty shell he bought is not just rare, but unique, and worth a mint.
Apr 10th


A Hollywood blockbuster war movie is being shot in the UK and they need genuine military vehicles and props. Knowing Bruce only deals in authentic kit, Hollywood comes calling. Renting out his vehicles to the movie could make Bruce a lot of money, so he organises a video to show-off his tanks and armoured vehicles in action. But is it enough to seal the movie deal? On the hunt for props to buy and then hire out, Bruce goes on a UK picking. To his surprise, in a warehouse in Leicester, he finds Hitler’s car and the door to the prison cell where Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.
Apr 11th


Bruce hits the Philippines and when his para sidekick Freddy isn't throwing up in the local restaurants Bruce is digging up some treasures from the Pacific War. Through the objects he haggles for and buys, we discover the fascinating and dark history of Japanese occupation during WW2 and the bloody battles fought by the Allies to kick them out.  Back in the UK Bruce has asked the twins to restore a rusty, super rare Japanese artillery gun, then a quick trip down under to purchase and amphibious assault vehicle … all relics of the Pacific War. 
Apr 12th


Bruce has managed to flog an Aussie museum half million quid’s worth of WW2 tank destroyer, but the shipping deadline is looming and the destroyer is missing one tiny detail … the barrel. While the twins set to work on the tank Bruce goes picking in former-Czechoslovakia where he acquires, among other things, an extraordinary non-magnetic, gyroscopic compass – designed to guide submarines under the ice to the North Pole. When Bruce, the tank and the team finally reach Down Under, they manage to lose the tank, but discover a Samurai sword, Commando dagger and other goodies, and have an adventure in Aborigine territory that rewrites history.