Combat Dealers


Upcoming episodes

Jun 8th


Bruce accidently discovers Hitler’s toilet! (Or at least a toilet from Hitler’s state yacht).  Bruce’s mate Kevin is spending over 5 million pounds restoring the world’s last remaining German torpedo boat and Bruce wants to be the dealer who supplies him with everything he needs for the job. From Kriegsmarine Kharzis to German anti-aircraft guns Bruce buys and sells his way from Plymouth to Illinois. His journey gives us a fascinating insight into the history of WW2 Naval warfare and how the Germans managed to terrorise Allied shipping.  Freddy and the Twins are left back in Blighty struggling to restore a rare German gun.
Jun 9th


Bruce and Hus head to freezing Finland following a hot tip. Up near the Arctic Circle there’s a kind of Winter Wonderland of World War Two vehicles and equipment.  Along the way we discover the fascinating story of the Finnish War.  The Finns were masters of the winter guerrilla war, operating from deep within Finland’s huge forests.  Their snipers instilled fear in the Russians, the Germans, who at various times tried to take over the country.  We hear the story of ‘White Death’ the greatest sniper in history, and ex-soldier Bruce gets to try out his own sniping skills.
Jun 12th


Bruce embarks on a huge project: to restore and rebuild a German Panther tank.  But to pay for it, he has to do up and part with a couple of his beloved WW2 ‘halftracks’ (they’re the troop carriers you see in war films with wheels at the front and tank racks at the back).  Easier said than done.  The search for vital parts takes Bruce to the scene of a huge battle in France, where he also unearths some other gems, including some fascinating Nazi propaganda, one of the most valuable ash-trays on the planet, and a World War 1 cars which is said to have belonged to one Colonel (later General) George S Patton. 
Jun 13th


Bruce blows up a van with WW2 rifle grenades and the twins ride the Redball Express. Bruce tracks down an iconic ‘Deuce-and-a-half’ American army truck, and delivers it to aGermany, following the route of the giant convoy of trucks which supplied the Allied front-line during the invasion of Germany (this was the famous, heroic ‘Redball Express’). The deal is a swap. In return, Bruce gets the rusty hulk of the only known authentic ‘Berghetzer’ in the world (a WW2 tank recovery vehicle). It doesn’t look much, but done up, it could fetch Bruce as much as £400,000. On the way, Bruce buys a weird view-finder and a Panzer tank shell rack, and he gets to spy, but not buy, a gigantic ‘parachute mine’ called Monica.
Jun 14th


Bruce spends a staggering £40,000 on a single WW2 army uniform, and Hus almost throws up doing loops in a Mustang.  Bruce is in heaven.  He’s an ex-para, and he’s on the hunt for old, super-rare British, German. and American paratrooper gear. His paratrooper pilgrimage takes him to the Netherlands and the U.S.  Some great history in this show, brought alive by a series of amazing relics, from dusty packs of cigarettes and wrist compasses to muskets and old parachutes. Bruce meets up with a bomber pilot veteran and hitches a ride in a B-24.  Mustangs and Spitfires also feature.
Jun 15th


Bruce finds a very special relic from WW2 - Glen Miller’s army uniform.  He’s gotta have it, and is prepared to spend big.  To pay for it, he’s doing up a wartime German tank engine.  And this isn’t any old engine.  When it’s working Bruce will be able to sell it for no less than £100,000!  Meanwhile Bruce’s sidekick Hus almost comes unstuck when he buys a rare, but knackered American armoured car.  It looks great, but when he gets it home, he finds there’s no gun and the turret doesn’t turn.  Mechanical mayhem and musical nostalgia, with a wartime themed night out for Bruce and the missus. 
Jun 16th


Bruce turns James Bond when a WWII Resistance museum in France sends him on a mission to find secret and spy related items. Such objects are rare and Bruce’s little black book of dealers and private collectors takes him around the UK and over to Italy. Uncovering a box of parts for a special anti-tank weapon, designed by ‘Churchill’s Toyshop’ that made secret weapons for spies, he charges Freddy with restoring it to test and sell to a buyer. Needless to say it ends with a bang!
Jun 19th


Always looking to increase his stock and his list of contacts, Bruce and ex–Para Freddy are on a business trip to Russia. Helped out by his trusty Muscovite dealer friend Dimitri, Bruce buys his way around some of Moscow’s biggest military dealers. He also gets a lucky introduction to an oligarch who seems to take a liking to Bruce and insists he takes him shooting! In the U.K twins, Nick and Phil are having slightly less fun. Bruce has tasked them with restoring a rare bit of German kit for a client of his, the problem is, there’s no instruction manual and nobody quite seems to understand what it is!
Jun 20th


An excited Bruce has heard that a Martello Tower has come up for sale on the Channel Islands. This is a huge concrete fortification the Germans armed and used when they occupied these British islands. Bruce has always wanted one to house his collection and they rarely come on the market, so he heads straight over to Jersey and Guernsey. Not only is this a trip down memory lane, as Bruce bought some of his first items there, it’s a chance to hunt for items that tell the story of Nazi occupied Britain. Back at base, the twins have the dangerous task of getting a WWII Napalm filled flamethrower safe and ready for a buyer.
Jun 21st


Bruce and Hus are on Italian road-trip. From Venice to Lake Garda they meet up with dealers whose objects tell the incredible story of Italy in WWII. Italian kit is going-up in value; if Bruce can increase his stock while it’s cheap and sit on it as it rises in value, it’s money in the bank. And it’s a perfect excuse to take in the sites of northern Italy. Back at base, Freddy and his son are rebuilding an authentic German troop carrier from scratch. But they only have two weeks as Bruce has found a dealer who wants to try before he buys when they meet at a Dutch military fare. So Freddy must get the transporter built, running and ready to ride.