Dual Survival

About the show

Surviving in the wild is not an exact science. Beyond the basics of finding water, food, shelter and eventually help, opinions vary. Two experts tell how they think it's done in this series, as initial episodes feature trained survivalists demonstrating the skills and creative thinking that can help one cope in tough surroundings. Equipped with minimal gear, the pair are left in remote locations -- an uninhabited island off Nova Scotia, a New Zealand mountaintop, deep in the Everglades, the jungle of Thailand, and the desert of Baja California, to name a few -- where they battle the elements and sometimes each other. 


Upcoming episodes

Apr 7th

Unbraided (Special)

Apr 8th

Twin Peaks

Tempers get hot when survival tactics collide as Joe and Cody struggle to escape the Nicaraguan jungle. Not only are they stranded at the top of a steep, muddy volcano but also Cody takes on the roll of a hiker suffering an immobilizing knee injury.
Apr 9th

Into The Frying Pan

Deep in New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, Joe struggles to get out of an abandoned mineshaft. A deadly western diamondback rattlesnake becomes dinner, and a maggot infested cow carcass puts the team’s opposing survival tactics to the test.
Apr 10th

Mars on Earth

Two guys with two completely opposing approaches to survival take on one of the most barren landscapes on the planet, Chile’s Atacama Desert, known as “Mars on Earth”. Battling dehydration and hyperthermia Joe and Cody lock horns over resources, including their own urine.
Apr 11th

The Green Hell

Marooned on the banks of a tributary to the mighty Amazon river, surrounded by the impenetrable jungle of Ecuador’s rainforest, Joe and Cody show how to stay alive on a deadly river, if they can keep from killing each other first.
Apr 11th

Trouble in Paradise

Isolated in the jungle of an uninhabited Hawaiian island, Joe and Cody lock heads over priorities; Cody battles the dangers of dehydration searching for water and fire making tools, while Joe gears up for mortal combat with aggressive feral boars.
Apr 11th

On The Menu

Stranded in the African bush and in close proximity to the planet’s deadliest predators including lions and leopards, Joe and Cody fight to get out alive while hiding from poachers who may be hunting them.
Apr 11th


Stranded in the middle of Zambia’s hot, wild plains, Joe and Cody must avoid territorial hippos, and herds of elephants, to find water and shelter. An argument over whether to sleep inside a bat infested hollow tree threatens to break the team apart.
Apr 11th

Belly Of The Beast

Isolated beneath the mountains of Romania, lost in a labyrinth of underground caves, Joe and Cody fight to escape the pitch black darkness with dying headlamps. Their teamwork is further strained by their opposing survival philosophies.
Apr 14th


Marooned on a deserted island somewhere in Fiji, Joe and Cody face unpredictable and punishing tropical storms and brave shark-infested waters. With limited resources and up against enormous odds, they’ll show how to get back to civilization alive.