Dual Survival

About the show

Surviving in the wild is not an exact science. Beyond the basics of finding water, food, shelter and eventually help, opinions vary. Two experts tell how they think it's done in this series, as initial episodes feature trained survivalists demonstrating the skills and creative thinking that can help one cope in tough surroundings. Equipped with minimal gear, the pair are left in remote locations -- an uninhabited island off Nova Scotia, a New Zealand mountaintop, deep in the Everglades, the jungle of Thailand, and the desert of Baja California, to name a few -- where they battle the elements and sometimes each other. 


Upcoming episodes

Feb 6th

Stuck in the Muck

In the Florida Everglades, Dave and Cody’s scenario starts with a difficult choice – stay with a stuck airboat, exposed to the sun’s deadly effects, or seek shelter in a nearby swamp, where water moccasin, python and over a million alligators lay in wait.
Feb 7th

Eating Dust

From the barren salt flats to the vast desert woodland, Dave and Cody battle the elements, and each other, in the sun scorched desert of Baja, Mexico. With few supplies, they each demonstrate how to make use of an unlikely resource – urine.
Feb 13th

Slash and Burn

In Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, less than five hundred miles from Antarctica and plagued by unpredictable weather, Dave and Cody take a survival scenario to the extreme – by self-inflicting a laceration and setting it on fire.
Feb 14th

Out of the Clouds

At a chilly 7000 feet, the wet cloud forests of Panama test Dave and Cody’s partnership. Hypothermia, sheer cliffs, flooded rivers and venemous predators lie in the path to rescue, and there’s only one way to make it down the mountain: together.