Dual Survival

About the show

Surviving in the wild is not an exact science. Beyond the basics of finding water, food, shelter and eventually help, opinions vary. Two experts tell how they think it's done in this series, as initial episodes feature trained survivalists demonstrating the skills and creative thinking that can help one cope in tough surroundings. Equipped with minimal gear, the pair are left in remote locations -- an uninhabited island off Nova Scotia, a New Zealand mountaintop, deep in the Everglades, the jungle of Thailand, and the desert of Baja California, to name a few -- where they battle the elements and sometimes each other. 


Upcoming episodes

May 26th

Out of the Clouds

At a chilly 7000 feet, the wet cloud forests of Panama test Dave and Cody’s partnership. Hypothermia, sheer cliffs, flooded rivers and venemous predators lie in the path to rescue, and there’s only one way to make it down the mountain: together.
May 27th

Buried Alive

In Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains, the freezing cold, deep snow and lack of resources threaten survival, but Cody and Dave’s minimal gear is enough to make it across frozen waterfalls, snow caves, dead elk and survive unlikely snow problem.
May 28th

Frozen Plains

Winter in the Great Plains of Montana is a windy snow-drift prairie with hardly any survival resources. But using the remains of a rancher’s burned down shack Cody and Dave show how to exploit every tree, every rock and eat every mouse they see.
May 29th


Facing the classic survival challenge—stranded on a deserted jungle island, somewhere in the South Pacific—Cody and Dave show how to survive despite being surrounded by 65 million square miles of undrinkable ocean. And this time Dave’s also barefoot.
May 30th


Attacks from Thailand’s venomous insects, leeches, cobras and wild elephants nearly take a bite out of Cody & Dave. But fire from steel wool and a cell phone battery lights their way through deep caves, as they show how to escape this living jungle.
May 30th

Out Of Africa

In South Africa’s backcountry, it’s all too easy to become a hungry predator’s dinner. Dave and Cody only have a single machete to protect against the lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo they encounter as they journey out of the bush.
May 30th

Hippo Island

In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, deadly predators look tame next to the aggressive and territorial hippopotamus. After Dave and Cody trudge through hippo-infested marshland using only a GPS and binoculars, they set their sites on a homemade grass boat.
May 30th

Up The River

In the cold and rugged river valleys of southern Appalachia, Dave’s on his home turf. But his hunting skills backfire when he accidentally traps the one furry, fourlegged creature he won’t eat – an angry skunk. And Cody wants nothing to do with it.
May 30th

Road to Nowhere

Out in the cold, wet Maine wilderness—and using a broken-down truck as their survival resource—Cody and Dave bicker over ways to attract attention and how to live through the cold night. But one thing they do agree on: when to eat their can of dog food.
Jun 1st

Unbraided (Special)