Full Throttle Saloon


Upcoming episodes

Jun 8th

For the Last Time

Jesse threatens to leave Throttle when he finds out Michael charged at the door for the Jackyl show; Rusty's new marriage is already on the rocks.
Jun 9th

The Test

On the final night of the Rally a fired bartender returns and creates havoc; thousands of dollars in profit go missing; the Throttle family braces for big changes as Angie and Michael finally take a pregnancy
Jun 12th

Bigger's Better

One patron passes out while another pulls a knife on security; Jesse makes a big money commitment putting a wrench in the secret post-rally plan.
Jun 13th

Up & Runnin

Michael races to open the bar on the first day of the rally; two employees leave without warning; Michael and Angie's conflict is concluded; an unexpected guest brings news.
Jun 14th

Storm Clouds

A major storm occurs on the second day of the rally; Jesse forges ahead with plans to do a major stunt; two key bartenders quit; Jesse makes a commitment that threatens to derail Angie's wedding plans.
Jun 15th

Where's the Beef?

Michael thinks an employee may be stealing from him; Angie's new dance troupe performs; Jesse blames Angie for Throttle's bartender issues; a member of Angie's dance troupe is accused of stealing cash.
Jun 16th

The Prenup

Michael drops a bombshell on Angie that jeopardises their wedding; record heat and crowds cause chaos; the Throttle prepares for Travis Tritt's performance.
Jun 19th

Between a Bach and a Hard Place

Michael and the crew disagree with the headlining act; Goat starts a fight with a security guard; Jerry Springer visits the bar; two veteran bartenders return.
Jun 20th

All Tuckered Out

A headliner goes missing hours before her performance; the security team deals with a rash of underage drinking; Michael's guest is sent to the hospital; a bartender slanders the Throttle on the Internet.
Jun 21st

Jackyl in the Box

Jesse prepares for his exploding box stunt; Stir-Fry Hai and Fajita Mike stage a cook-off; a conflict arises over Flaunt's performance.