Hogs Gone Wild


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Apr 11th

Hungry Hogs

Dr. West discovers a cave system where hogs hide out in the Hawaiian jungle. Josh and Krystal track feral hogs that have been rooting up historic gravesites in Texas. Bryan and Tim put the squeeze on a group of hogs raiding an orange grove in Florida.
Apr 11th

Range War

Bryan and Tim catch more hogs than they bargained for outside an upscale Florida neighborhood. Dr. West tracks a boar that’s been holding a Hawaiian cattle ranch hostage. Josh and Krystal discover a hog highway running through a Texas wildlife sanctuary.
Apr 11th

Hog Assault

Dr. West and Renee chase hogs that are bulldozing a world-class Hawaiian golf course. Josh and Krystal scour a Texas family vineyard for a pack of roving hogs. Bryan and Tim race to clear endangered sea turtle egg-eating hogs off a Florida beach.
Apr 11th

Hog Drive

Dr. West and Renee hold a Hawaii style "hog drive". Josh and Krystal race to clear a group of hogs eating their way through an exotic game ranch in Texas. Bryan and Tim track a pack of hogs that have been tearing up a Florida widow’s backyard.
Apr 18th

Bully Boars

Josh and Krystal’s star dog Riddick faces danger in the line of duty. Bryan and Tim clear hogs out of a Florida youth camp before the kids arrive. Dr. West and Renee attempt to round up an entire pack of hogs before they destroy a Hawaiian ranch.