Hogs Gone Wild


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Oct 25th

Man vs. Beast

Feral hogs threaten a pre-school in Florida, run rampant across a Texas deer ranch, and keep a woman in Hawaii housebound. It’s up to local trappers to fight back against these dangerous invaders.
Oct 25th

A Feral Fight

Feral hogs rampage through an exclusive gated community in Tampa, wipe out a crop of valuable macadamia nuts in Hawaii, and threaten a large herd of cattle on a Texas ranch.
Oct 25th

Wild Hog War

A mother and daughter live in fear in Hawaii when wild hogs surround their home. Texas trappers track down hogs polluting a natural water source. A 400-pound monster hog puts up a frenzied fight in Florida.
Oct 26th

Stealth Hogs

Bryan and Tim hunt through abandoned buildings in downtown Tampa for an urban feral hog. Josh and Krystal track a pack of hogs that have destroyed a farmhouse in Texas. Dr. West and Renee chase a Hawaiian hog into its volcanic lava lair.
Oct 27th

Hungry Hogs

Dr. West discovers a cave system where hogs hide out in the Hawaiian jungle. Josh and Krystal track feral hogs that have been rooting up historic gravesites in Texas. Bryan and Tim put the squeeze on a group of hogs raiding an orange grove in Florida.