Ice Road Truckers


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May 25th

Desperate Measures

With the Dalton shut down, every haul road driver fights to make their delivery as the DOT scrambles to reopen the road. Austin spent the night on the north slope after going into the ditch. Darrell is up early to keep his lead in the load count. But a tragic wreck changes his plans. Jack wakes up in Coldfoot after being forced to remove two wheels from his trailer and news of the wreck has him scrambling for information. While the rest of the Dalton drivers fight the remnants of the storm, Porkchop is miles away in Fairbanks after being pulled off the road by Lane. On the Dempster, Alex is racing south to get another load, but the storm that recently ravaged the Dalton is headed for the Yukon. Alex must race the storm to make it south and back before the road shuts down. In Manitoba, the brutally warm condition of the winter roads have made driving nearly impossible. Hugh and Rick are doubling down, taking on a load of two massive cement trucks.
May 26th

Blood, Sweat, and Gears

It s time for drivers to step up or step out of the game. With tension on the road at the breaking point, one driver will walk away. Austin is tasked with the biggest load of the season so far: an entire cabin, balanced precariously on an oversized trailer. The news of Austin s entry into the world of heavy haul rubs Jack Jessee the wrong way. But even with a regular load of freight, the Dalton proves to be a challenge for Jack when he battles oncoming traffic on a slick section of road. Carlile boss Lane Keator makes the call to put South Carolina native Porkchop in a convoy with Darrell Ward, hoping that Porkchop will learn something from the Montana log hauler. On the Dempster, Alex races up the road before the gathering snow shuts everything down. Hugh and Rick s cement truck haul goes awry, putting the boys at odds with the law. After days of struggling to reach Red Sucker Lake to deliver their loads, now they re just hoping to stay out of jail.**Product Placement.**
May 27th

Hard Road Ahead

On Manitoba s Winter Roads, Hugh Rowland and Rick Yemm s season is already on the brink of disaster. But Rick makes a deadly discovery about his truck that puts the rest of his season, and his life, in jeopardy. On the Dempster, Alex risks his life by taking on the challenge of hauling an excavator that s over the safe weight limit of the ice. But on the shifting ice of the Mackenzie River delta, Alex is in a no-win situation when a truck malfunction leaves his trailer in danger of jackknifing, while stopping to fix the problem means falling through the ice. On the Dalton, haul road ace Jack Jessee is missing in action. Darrell, Porkchop, and Austin hammer down to take the lead int he load count. But when Terminal Manager Lane Keator hits the road, drivers will be forced to answer to the boss.
May 28th

Proving Ground

On the Dalton, everyone is gunning to be the new haul road ace, but Darrell s plan is derailed by a massive wreck that calls into question his reasons for being in Alaska. Porkchop gets his shot to prove himself with a solo run to a remote Alaskan village, but the sheer cliffs of the access road are more than he bargained for. Austin finally joins a heavy haul team, but a disaster on the grueling 100-ton haul leaves his chance for glory in question. Alex faces the Dempster in reverse, but a sign of trouble on the ice has the veteran riding with an open door ready.
May 29th

Braking Bad

On the Dalton, Austin s trying to prove himself in a heavy haul convoy, but pushing the 100-ton modular building through blowing snow leads to a rookie mistake that threatens the entire mission. Word of Jack Jessee s return gets Darrell Ward on the road early, but the Montana log hauler s quest to become the new haul road ace is derailed by notorious Atigun Pass. Porkchop s been struggling with a series of deliveries off the Dalton, but at dispatch he gets an unexpected load. With Rick still out of commission, Hugh makes a "Hail Mary" play to save his season by drafting a ragtag team of drivers into a convoy across the ice; it s a high risk gamble that puts his life in the hands of an ice road rookie. Alex is dispatched with a time sensitive load bound for a remote mining operation, but the sheer cliffs and soft shoulders of the one lane mine road push the veteran and his truck to the limit.**Product Placement.**
Jun 1st

Ready to Roll

Six ice road truckers are introduced, and ice road truckers are described as men driving eighteen wheelerswho haul equipment and supplies fromYellowknife, Canada, across a temporary road composed of portages and frozen lakes, the destination being one of three diamond mines northeast of Yellowknife. Nuna Logistics construction crews began by defining and strengthening a 350-mile (560 km) highway that crossespermafrostand frozen lakes. When the ice over the frozen lakes reaches a thickness considered to be safe, the road is officially opened, and the truckers (beginning with Alex, who as stated above hauls the first load as a "good-luck charm") begin carrying loads across what is considered to be the most dangerous road in the world. Highlights include: Drew going into a ditch (although that was not his truck pictured and he did not, in fact, go into a ditch; rather he put a tire off in a snowbank), Alex having to nurse his truck to its destination due to brake trouble, and T.J. making his first ice road run inwhiteoutconditions.
Jun 2nd

Destination: Diamond Mine

The road is stopped due to a traffic jam. Jay hauls a 17-ton water tank, while Hugh and Rick begin a season-long competition to see who can achieve the highest load count. Hugh and Rick deal with mechanical issues and T.J. loses the heat in his truck. At the end of the episode, the load count was shown, now with a tally of cash earned.
Jun 3rd

Dash for the Cash

The road is closed due to a strong Arctic storm. Also, Alex transports a desperately needed piece of equipment to the mine; a 44,000-pound (20,000 kg) diamond-ore crusher.
Jun 4th

Big Chill , The

On the 18th day of the season a 50-ton fuel tanker flips over at the start of the ice road. Jay hauls three giant water purifiers to the De Beersdiamond mine. Drew gets back out from the garage, while fellow rookie T.J. weatherproofs his truck withduct tape. A fuel tanker flip on the Ingraham Trail not only blocks traffic but also threatens the Yellowknife River with fuel spillage.
Jun 5th

Midseason Mayhem

The season is half way over, with 4,000 loads taken but with 6,000 to go. Reckless speeding has led to blowouts on the ice road. More than one driver faces harsh repercussions after being caught speeding - Todd is banned from the ice road after he is clocked going 23 km/h (about 14 mph) over the speed limit. A fuel tanker overturns, blocking traffic and posing a threat to the environment if the fuel contaminates a river that supplies water to an outpost. T.J. leaves the yard with a new rig, and almost immediately has an accident when, after he left the yard, his trailer service line (blue) gladhand was knocked off by a loose box on the catwalk, leaving him with no trailer brakes. Drew ends up in the shop again, due to breakdowns.