Ice Road Truckers


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Jul 6th

Rookie Fumbles, A

On the final day of the season, there are still hundreds of tons of equipment to move within 12 hours. However, the road is now awash in water and literally crumbling away beneath the truckers’ wheels. In Inuvik, Rick seizes a chance to take one last load, a loader that is to be stored at Tuktoyaktuk until next year. Since he does not know how to run a winch, he builds an improvised ramp out of boards and tries to drive the loader up it and onto his trailer, without success. Rick’s supervisor, irritated by what he sees as Rick’s season-long lack of professionalism, fires him and threatens to have him arrested if he shows up again. The incident ends up with the supervisor swinging one of the boards at the cameraman filming the scene - narrowly missing him.
Jul 7th

Trucker's Farewell, A

After being Med-Evaced to Yellowknife hospital, Alex receives a grim diagnosis that could mean the end of his Ice Road season. Rick is also complaining of health issues, and again threatens to quit if his boss won't let him take time off to see a doctor. With nearly all of the rookies out for the count, the Arctic veterans take on the challenge of hauling the final loads of the rig move. Bear must load up the P-Tank, a critical part used to measure the amount of waste gas emitted by a drilling rig. And Eric sets off on a slow journey to transport a mud pump from Aput to Langley. Weighing in at 100,000 lbs., the massive size of this complicated piece of machinery requires a speed limit of just 16 mph--any faster and Eric would risk damaging the already taxed ice road.
Jul 8th

Season 2 Follow Up

The truckers look back at their experiences during the last ice road season and explain what they do now that they're off the ice.
Jul 9th

Ocean Run

It's week ten of the Alaskan Ice Road Season. Only two weeks left to pull in the big bucks and get all the loads to the oil fields. As Hugh Rowland heads north from Coldfoot, convoying with his trainer driver Phil Kromm, Hugh gets frustrates with the slow pace. Phil lets him take the lead over the daunting Atigun Pass, but Hugh's aggressive driving style nearly causes him to spin out on one of the steep slopes - a place where the slightest misstep can send a truck over the cliff.
Jul 10th

Race to the Finish

As the Alaskan ice road season comes to a close, truckers have only a few runs left. Both the truckers and their rigs are running ragged as they race to pull in the last loads. Lisa Kelly can't get out of the Carlile yard in Fairbanks; the trailer they've assigned her has a massive air leak. To stay in the running in the Dash for the Cash, she accepts a new load: a van full of high explosives. She's never hauled such volatile load before. When she gets on the Dalton¿she once again has trouble getting up the slope at 2 ½ mile. And later over Atigun pass, she battles deep snow drifts on her way over the summit.
Jul 13th

Breaking Through

The ice road season opens and quickly claims its first victim with a road-closing wreck. Meanwhile, another trucker breaks through the ice enroute to the isolated town of Bettles. Jack returns to defend his title as "King of the Haul Road," but cocky second-year driver Greg is out to take him down and has something to prove. Lisa makes a decision that will haunt her all season. Rookie Ray Veilleux gets a hard introduction to the treacherous Atigun Pass. Alex gets out ahead of Hugh and leads his longtime rival for the first time ever.**Please be advised that this program has Product Placement.**
Jul 14th

Polar Bear Returns , The

Failing trailer brakes and trash talk over the CB threaten to derail Lisa's comeback. Newcomer Greg races to reignite his rivalry with Jack, before a devastating wreck slams the brakes on Greg's need for speed. In the meantime, with a damaged fuel tank to deliver, Jack isn't giving up the load-count crown without a fight. Alex tries to build on his lead on Hugh, but treacherous conditions send him to the edge of disaster. Hugh "the Polar Bear" Rowland returns to Alaska at last and has to face down his other haul road nemesis: chaining up. Engine troubles leave rookie driver Ray Veilleux broken down, and all alone, in twenty-below temperatures.**Please be advised that this program has Product Placement.**
Jul 15th

Facing Down the Blow

The brutal Alaskan winter hits Prudhoe Bay with a vengeance, unleashing a ruthless windstorm. It takes nerves of steel to drive in these conditions but Jack, Hugh and Alex hit the haul road ready for battle, with near misses and disastrous engine trouble threatening to take them down. But surviving the blow is just the beginning for Alex, who could lose his license when he has to report for a full medical test after an incident on his last trip. Back in Fairbanks, Ray and Greg make a pact to convoy together through the storm, but Greg's mechanical shut down forces Ray to face the storm alone. It's just the beginning of Ray's worst day ever, which leaves him ready to quit before the season's barely begun. Haunted by her recent mistakes, Lisa plots her comeback, determined to prove she is more than a pretty face.**Please be advised that this program has Product Placement.**
Jul 16th

Monster Storm Over Atigun

A monster phase-three storm is hammering Atigun Pass, and if they want to survive, the truckers will have to think fast. Alex is southbound from Prudhoe when he meets the massive blow, and whiteout conditions erase the road from his view. Forced to run together for safety, Hugh and Jack each hatch a plan to keep the brutal weather from wiping out their paychecks. But bad blood heats up as the veterans launch rival plans to keep the cash flowing. Meanwhile, Ray and Lisa make their own plans to keep the loads moving, but rookie mistakes send both drivers rolling directly into the heart of the storm.**Please be advised that this program has Product Placement.**
Jul 17th

Trapped on Thin Ice

Jack Jesse rushes to save an Alaskan town with an emergency fuel delivery, but a blinding storm stops him cold on the thin ice of the frozen river road to Nuiqsut. Lisa Kelly gets her big chance to step up when she's given her first oversize load, but as she battles the elements and the law, Lisa wonders if her trucking skills are up to the test. Ray takes a night run as a favor for the boss, but he makes a trucker's worst mistake when he reaches for something on the dashboard. The rubber meets the road when Alex's trash talk stirs the sleeping Polar Bear and a hell bent Hugh Rowland races to Coldfoot to even the score.**Please be advised that this program has Product Placement.**