Ice Vikings


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Aug 13th

The Kids Are Alright 

The crews continue their final push of the season, hoping to hit their fishing quotas that will either make or break their seasons. Some late season math forces Chris to put more nets in the water in hopes of making his quota- will it pay off big or blow up in his face? Meanwhile, Mike and Justin hire help as their bomber rebuild has put them behind on their fishing schedule. Gene and Candace get some help of their own, bringing their teenage kids out on the ice as Trevor takes to the sky to get an edge before the final days of fishing the winter season.
Aug 14th

Crunch Time

It’s the final days of the winter fishing season as the lake ice begins to melt and becomes dangerous.Everyone is scrambling to bring in the big catch with big money on the line. Chris and Trevor’s crews plan to go out with a bang as they race to remove their nets and equipment before the ice gives way. Mike and Justin find themselves down a lifting caboose motor as Gene and Candace work to see if they will finish off a quota everyone thinks is impossible to achieve. Meanwhile, Richard and Mike hit the jackpot, hauling in the big money fish in their last days on the ice.
Aug 20th

First Ice

An early kick off to the winter fishing season on Lake Winnipeg as temperatures plunge and the Ice Viking fishing crews scramble to get onto the ice with their nets. Trevor Kristjanson is first onto the ice opening the winter fishing season but will being early pay off? Meanwhile, ChrisKristjanson heads to his secret family fishing spot hoping the area will fill his quota. It’s anything but a typical start to the winter fishing season as dangerously thin ice and rogue equipment puts all the crews on edge
Aug 21st

Bomber Season

The temperature drops as the fishing crews continue targeting the most valuable fish possible. But as the lake ice locks into place it presents a whole new set of challenges. Meanwhile colder temperatures and a dumping of snow marks the kick off to Bombardier season as the crewstake these ice tanks onto the lake. It’s a precarious journey as ice thickness becomes a factorin supporting theses mighty machines. The Bjarnason crew continues to face challenges ofsetting nets under the ice
Aug 27th

New Toy

Chris Kristjanson receives delivery of his Dad’s new lifting caboose but he is reluctant to use it. The 20 foot long metal box with a motorized net puller should make the -40 Celsius winter dayseasier on his crew. But all that is called into question as the machine breaks down in the middle of the big lake. Meanwhile the Husavik Crew faces frustration as they are unable to bring in the catch they need. The solution to their problems may be to move their nets further north, costing them time and money.
Aug 28th


Another day, another breakdown. Trouble continues with the bombardiers for both Trevor and Chris Kristjanson. At the end of the day all three generations of Kristjanson fishers work on fixing up these cold war relics to get them ready for the back half of the fishing season. Meanwhile, Justin and Mike head up to Hecla Island where they hope the catch will be better than what they have so far. Husband and Wife fishing team Gene and Candace have noticed the fishing has dropped off for them as well and they use an electric jigger to set more nets and try to increase their catch