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Sep 25th

Secret Cities Of The A-Bomb

In 1939 a group of scientists - Albert Einstein among them - warned President Roosevelt, of the possibility that Hitler's Germany might be close to producing an atomic bomb. Roosevelt issued an order - whatever it takes, the US has to be the first to develop an atomic bomb. And within three years they were well on their way to creating a hidden world of secret cities and classified nuclear facilities, built inside America. 400,000 people were part of it - though only a handful really knew the truth. Six decades later, a team of experts return to the once-classified sites where the course of history was decided. In top secret cities and nuclear facilities, they uncover and rebuild this lost world.
Sep 25th


In the heart of the Mediterranean a peaceful island explodes with devastating force - it will be the biggest volcanic eruption in three and a half thousand years of recorded history. At a stroke, an entire civilization is wiped from the face of the earth and lost. All that remains are stories. Then, at the dawn of the twentieth century, the remains of a spectacular palace are discovered on the island of Crete, preserved beneath thousands of tons of volcanic ash. And out of the physical clues lifted from the ash, a radical theory emerges. These ruins could be the home of an ancient civilization: Atlantis. As they uncover a lost world, our investigators find that a palace on Crete and a town on Santorini are linked by the unique engineering of their buildings. Rebuilding incredible towns, temples, and the palace of Atlantis as described by Plato and uncovered by 21st century archaeologists, we reveal the majesty and the mystery of this lost world.
Sep 25th

First Christians, The

A team of field investigators uncovers the clues that will recreate vanished or hidden worlds. They use the latest research, expert analysis and cutting edge graphic technology to take us back. The 1st century AD. In the aftermath of Jesus' crucifixion barely a hundred of his followers survive. Persecuted by the authorities, they are a cult on the verge of extinction. Yet within a few decades the new religion of Christianity will have thousands of believers spread around the Mediterranean and across the Roman Empire. The man responsible is St Paul. Once a fanatical persecutor of Jesus' followers, he undergoes a miraculous conversion, and gives his life to spreading the gospel. We revisit the places that were first to hear Paul's message and were altered forever.
Sep 25th

Pagans, The

A team of field investigators uncovers the clues that will recreate vanished or hidden worlds. They use the latest research, expert analysis and cutting edge graphic technology to take us back. Five thousand years ago in the late Stone Age, before the pyramids of Egypt were built, the pagan people of the British Isles constructed some of the greatest monuments of the ancient world. Across the country fabulous constructions of wood, earth and stone were rising. We enter the world of their builders. We travel from the ancient stone villages of the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland, to Stonehenge, in Southern England. Lost Worlds reveals a startling new theory about the role that this extraordinary structure played in the lives of the people who erected it. Using computer animation we reconstruct the monument as it appeared to those people. We then trace a forgotten ancient pathway to Stonehenge's lost twin - Woodhenge.
Sep 25th

Jekyll & Hyde

One of the most frightening horror stories ever written was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Was this story, however, Robert Louis Stevenson's disturbing fantasy or was it based on a series of blood-curdling episodes that took place in the town of Edinburgh? Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations and historical documents to look under the grand fa?ßade of Edinburgh. Watch as an underworld of streets and houses with a blood-soaked history of grave robbers, body-snatchers and unspeakable crimes is uncovered. Computer graphics allows the viewer to fly over, enter the streets, walk through the halls and peer into the Edinburgh of long ago.
Sep 26th

Al Capone's Secret City

Al Capone's, rise to power coincided with the notorious 'Roaring Twenties' period in Chicago. Capone and his fellow mobsters flooded the city with bootleg liquor, while buying off government officials. Follow a team of historical detectives as they travel back to a time of unimaginable wealth, speakeasies, and ruthless mobsters. Using evidence from excavations, scientific studies and historical documents watch as the team piece together clues as to what 1920's Chicago looked like. Computer graphics allow viewers to fly over, enter the streets, and walk through the halls of this era.
Sep 27th

Building The Titanic

The construction of the 'unsinkable' Titanic needed an army of workers and the resources of a purpose-built town complete with an array of specially built docks and facilities to construct it - this is the forgotten story of Belfast's 'Titanic Town'.
Sep 28th

Herod The Great

Herod, king of Judea, was famous for creating a series of great buildings, and laying the foundations for Jerusalem. Watch as Herod's impressive projects are charted, including his masterpiece, Herod's Temple. Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations, scientific studies and historical documents to piece together clues to what ancient locations looked like. They are brought to life by computer graphics which allow viewers to fly over, enter the streets, walk through the halls and peer into these vanished worlds.
Sep 29th

Secret Us Bunkers

As the Cold War reached boiling point the US began to make plans to protect the country - and the president - against a catastrophic nuclear war. Now these newly opened secret bunkers are brought into view... in some of the most unexpected place imaginable. The Cold War was a war which raged in secret for decades. At its height the U.S. began making elaborate preparations for protection in the event of nuclear war. Complex and highly secret bunkers, massive in scale and only recently discovered, were constructed and a secret shadow government programme was born.
Oct 2nd

City Of Armageddon

The hill or Har at Meggido, gave its name to Armageddon the final battle between good and evil that is described in the book of Revelation. We trace the book's author, John selected this place: rebuilding the thirty cities that have risen and fallen on the hilltop, and relive six thousand years of conflict beginning with the first battle in recorded history, and culminating in the construction of a vast Roman encampment.