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Jul 23rd

Madrid’s Big Dig

The city of Madrid has hired a team of top-notch German engineers to design the only tunneling machine in the world big enough to bury its busy ring road deep underground. Now the Germans have to ship the monster 15.2-meter machine to Spain, put it all together and start tunneling. The schedule is a killer. Assemble the hundreds of thousands of parts to exacting standards in only seven weeks. There’s a major complication -- a huge culture clash between the super-efficient German chief mechanic and the Spanish construction workers he’s depending on to get finished in time. Plus, the whole German team is intimidated by the super-power of their untested mega-machine.
Jul 23rd

Crossing the Colorado

A team of the toughest construction workers in the world has taken on the building of the biggest concrete arch bridge in North America -- right next to the famous Hoover Dam. The job description is death-defying: blast huge foundations out of sheer rock cliffs in the scorching desert heat, swing from cables in high winds, and work with risky new crane technology that’s never been tried before. Only the bravest need apply.
Jul 23rd

Extreme Elevation

An international team of the best construction engineers on the planet are building the world's tallest skyscraper in the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai. At close to three quarters of a kilometer high, the Burj Dubai's will push these engineer and construction workers wits to the limit as they face the fierce desert heat and wind, making history at stratospheric heights.