Mega Shippers


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Apr 9th

Ultimate Cruise Ship

In Palma, Majorca, Loadmaster Mark McGrane has to move a 14 million pound super yacht to its winter home in Florida. During hurricane season it’s safer to transport the yacht rather than sail across the Atlantic. Lifting the 474 ton yacht out of the water and securing her to the deck of cargo ship Industrial Revolution is a risky move. In Southampton, Mejdi Otmanhi is on edge as he unloads a brand new, multi-million pound helicopter destined for service in Her Majesty’s Coastguard. And in Manchester Project Manager Des Nott prepares an aircraft cabin evacuation trainer for shipment to Ethiopia.
Apr 10th

Migration of the Monsters

In Texas, marine pilot Jay Rivera maneuvers a 10 thousand ton oil rig through shallow waters. Engineer Heather Crockett ships a multi million pound flight control tower for a new Royal Navy air craft carrier. And pilot Tony Waller struggles to control a shipment of wind turbines as it heads for disaster against a jetty wall.
Apr 16th

Grand Ship Auto

Marine Officer Gary Olden clears the way for the biggest ship to ever visit Southampton. Port Captain Todd Wilder battles a hurricane as he attempts to load 52 million dollars of cargo onto a giant barge. And truck driver Jeff Prior struggles to deliver a 21 meter long Christmas tree to London’s Trafalgar Square.
Apr 17th

Billion-Dollar Superbuild

Loadmaster Henry Evans stows 100 million pounds worth of super yacht onto a semi submersible vessel carrier. An ill-fitting twist lock threatens port captain Andree Olthuis’s delivery of aircraft parts. And Logistics supervisor Mejdi Othmani loads a rare three wheel sports car.
Apr 23rd

Championship Cargo

In Louisiana, Shane Gaither oversees the load of 50,000 tons of sustainable Biomass destined for Drax, the UK’s largest power station. Stefano Comotto negotiates dangerously high winds to land a £7million Ship Loader for a new port terminal in Texas. And in Cumbria, Mike Stuart must race across 5 different countries in under 3 days to a deliver a £200,000 rally car for Elfyn Evans to drive in the world championship event.
Apr 24th

Freight of Fire

Third officer Andrej Sokolov braves gale force winds and high seas to deliver vital supplies to the Shetland Isles. Trucker Paul Dawson has a near miss with a container load of sweet potatoes. And Port Captain Ove Myrstad prepares three 70 ton dump trucks for a journey to South Africa.