Shipping Wars


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Oct 30th

Crying For Your Art

Jarrett literally drops a one-of-a-kind art piece while trying to take matters into his own hands. Marc shows his "shipping thumb" when he raises and hauls a massive Sculpture Garden.
Oct 30th

Looney Tunes Blues

With a pricey load of Looney Tunes memorabilia, Jenn has dreamy thoughts about the single, wealthy client, but reality crashes in when she tangles with a NYC Transit bus; meanwhile Dusty's breaking all sorts of records, along with his back, when he hauls over four tons of vinyl albums.
Oct 30th

Big Bertha & The Molar Express

Jenn gives the University of Texas Marching band's massive drum, Big Bertha a beating, while Todd and Tamera face a train wreck of dental proportions when they tackle a massive train replica headed to a dental office.
Oct 30th

Broken Dolls & Duck Boat Stalls

In true Jarrett form, he makes his run with fragile, antique Christmas dolls even weirder when he tries to check into a hotel to protect them from the cold; but can a WWII era amphibious "Duck Boat" that survived the Germans, make it through a run with Chris Kikelhan?
Oct 31st

Highway to the Stranger Zone

Things get spirited when Jenn realizes her load of antique dolls come with "passengers", and newcomer Dusty Davie ends up in a dog fight with a Russian era MIG fighter.
Nov 1st

Cruisin' for a Bruisin

Jennifer has two days to get a six-layer wedding cake to a reception completely in tact. After picking up a Bozo the Clown arcade game, she books it to get to the wedding in time, but when she arrives, the pastry chefs do not like what they see. Marc wins a bid to ship a super sized vintage bus and attempts to keep it from inching off the trailer en route. Precariously affixed atop the extra long trailer, Marc finds himself in a pickle with a stop at the DOT inspection station.
Nov 1st

Big Idea, Bad Idea

Chris and Robbie haul an enormous spider to an amusement park with a strict delivery schedule. The precariously positioned arachnid requires reinforcements to ensure its safety, putting the young couple to work. Roy moves the largest cargo of his career with a 42- foot water tower. Upon his arrival, however, Roy finds his plan for loading won t work and he must improvise.
Nov 1st

Tiger Chase and a Tight Place, A

Jenn's love of animals takes a mauling when she attempts to tame a run that includes six massive Bengal tigers; meanwhile Marc get's creative with a pick up truck and trailer when he can't deliver his big rig load of Mythological figures into a residential neighborhood.
Nov 1st

Disco Robot and Castle Hassle, A

After winning a fire-breathing Disco Robot bound for a music festival, Chris Kikelhan soon grows nostalgic for the days of easier runs after he struggles to get it all to fit at the pick up; meanwhile with his Fiberglass castle load, Dusty gets a taste of royalty when the client has some peculiar demands.
Nov 1st

Empire Ships Back, The

Dusty connects with his inner nerd after booking Star Wars movie memorabilia along with a massive Kung Fu Panda statue, while Samko nearly gets stuck in the past when she's set to haul a famous Pioneer bus that's seen better days, like when it was made 87 years ago.