Shipping Wars


Upcoming episodes

Mar 6th

Giant Pains In The Ass

Jarrett deals with his biggest pain in the ass yet after he wins a giant 40-foot colon. Meanwhile it's NO fun and games for Roy when he battles the owner of a giant video game.
Mar 6th

It's My Party& I'll Shoot If I Want To

A little girl's birthday dream playhouse, turns into a nightmare when Marc discovers in route, that the house has a squatter. And Roy deals with more security than he bargained for after he lands a top secret government run.
Mar 6th

Highway to the Stranger Zone

Things get spirited when Jenn realizes her load of antique dolls come with "passengers", and newcomer Dusty Davie ends up in a dog fight with a Russian era MIG fighter.
Mar 6th

Three Horses and a Funeral

After picking up a simple coin operated carousel, Jarrett ends up going in circles when the buyer calls in-route with other loads that need hauling, but double threat Todd and Tamera are almost DOA when their fragile 140 year old horse drawn hearse shows up to the drop off with missing items.
Mar 6th

Tactical Disaster, A

After Jenn attempts to drive a decked-out armored, assault vehicle to its buyer, the ride turns out to be little more than she bargained for. Marc faces a wall of storms as he attempts to deliver the daredevil motorcycle ride -- "Wall of Death."
Mar 6th

Head Today, Gong Tomorrow

Jenn gets an earful when her pricey load of prayer gongs almost misses their uptight buyer, but when Jarrett's load is delayed by a day he ends up catching hell and a few catcalls handling a side job on the Vegas strip.
Mar 7th

Spaced Invaders

Marc's run to "far out" Roswell leaves him proud to be from this world, while Todd and Tamera end up needing more than a few quarters to extend their vintage game pod run.
Mar 7th

I Can't Believe It's Not Better

Things melt down, when Jenn tackles the dismantling of a butter sculpture in the Texas heat, while Jessica Samko makes her stage debut by running late and ruining a middle school play's dress rehearsal.
Mar 7th

Pop, The Tragic Dragon

Things get blown out of proportion when Chris and Robbie face down a massive balloon dragon shipment, and Marc's in over-his-head when he agrees to haul a giant Whale sculpture made of trash.
Mar 7th

War of the Roses

America's longest running music television show is in trouble when Roy wins the bid to move their iconic camera crane, and Marc's in hot water after picking up a hot tub, but it's at the drop off when things really bubble over.