Shipping Wars


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Nov 27th

It's a Rock-A-Fire Implosion!

When tasked with hauling the old animatronic band, Rock-A-Fire Explosion, Jenn ends up pulling a Yoko Ono and almost cancels their reunion tour. Meanwhile, newcomer Chris Kikelhan sends everyone running for cover during his inaugural haul of tornado storm shelters.
Nov 27th

Up In Smoke & Going Broke

While shipping an 11-foot-tall glass water pipe to the Mile-High City, Marc tries to mellow out after a blown tire threatens to turn this shipment into shards. Samko saddles up to move an entire barn but when the job gets rough, she does everything she can to keep this show pony from turning into horse feathers.
Nov 27th

Fire and Rescue

After the delivery of sad family news, Jenn turns to Jarrett to take over an odd shipment; while Dusty uses his typical "charm" to dampen the spirits of a family moving a pair of antique fire engines.
Nov 27th

Can't See the Sherwood Forrest for the Trees

Todd and Tamera struggle to fly straight after they discover their giant Robin Hood statue load is broken, and Samko is bent to her limits when her massive load of trees is doubled at the pickup.
Nov 28th

Whole Bunch of Cluck-Ups, A

Jarrett's brush with Rock n' Roll fame takes a turn for the worse when he scrambles to deliver their chicken car on time. Meanwhile, Roy runs into trouble when he discovers a shipment is too rotted to load properly ...and that's when things really start to fall apart.
Nov 28th

Guys and Dolls

After challenging Chris that girls can do anything a guy can, Robbie takes over a very macho shipment--and Chris worries their profits might go down for the count. Jennifer moves a load of pricey mannequins through the heartland, and picks up an interesting travelling companion along way.
Nov 28th

Flight of the Giant Baby Head

Fate brings Roy back to Austin, Texas--this time to haul a very big (and very odd) sculpture from a peace-loving art collective. Up north, Jarrett brings along his uncle to help move a flight simulator. But will a side load and extra family baggage prove to be more than he bargained for?
Nov 28th

Buggin' Out

Jennifer takes on a cross-country load of live bugs that require a little more love and attention than she might be willing to give. Marc takes on his daughter as an apprentice, and the two work through their issues as they move a number of Volkswagen buses.
Nov 28th

We Come in Pieces!

Chris and Robbie awkwardly go where no transporter has gone before when a run brings them in contact with a Star Trek convention and its alien life forms. Meanwhile, Jarrett tries to glean from the past, and what he's learned from the other transporters as he tackles a load of massive pumpkins.
Nov 28th

Chivalry's Dead..Roy Killed It

Sparks fly when Roy battles with two customers while transporting their shipments to a Renaissance Faire... and everyone holds their breath as Jenn's entrusted to ship the future of bicycling.