Swamp Loggers

About the show

Bobby Goodson leads a rugged crew of loggers into the swamps of North Carolina in search of valuable hardwood. A fourth-generation logger, Goodson and his team must battle harsh terrain, even harsher weather, and a rough economy to keep the family business afloat. But as demand for the hardwood wanes, Goodson faces tough choices as he tries to keep Goodson All Terrain Logging out of the red.


Upcoming episodes

Apr 6th

Growing Pains

Bobby considers growing his operation and making big purchases. But when the swamp brings uncertainty, he has second thoughts. Joy deals with a broken truck, permit issues arise, and a 45-ton grinder known as "The Beast" is brought in to maximize revenue.
Apr 7th

Rising Waters

As floodwaters surge, Goodson All-Terrain escapes to higher ground. With the future uncertain, Bobby struggles to keep the wood moving and his crew working. But despite the setbacks, they have a chance to break their all-time hauling record.
Apr 8th

Nowhere To Go

The crew prepares to start a new tract but is greeted by floodwaters, making it impossible to log. With nowhere to go, Bobby appeals to Corbett and the crew is sent to a distant site where their resourcefulness is put to the test.
Apr 9th

Crisis at the Mill

With wood demand unusually high and the supply of cut timber low, the mills pressure Bobby and his crew to cut more logs. When equipment setbacks and a logging site filled with beaver damaged trees slows progress, Bobby is forced to regroup.
Apr 10th

Split Tracks

Separation anxiety sets in as Bobby is forced to split his crew between two tracts of land. Then when a key piece of equipment goes down deep in the swamps, the entire company comes to a halt.
Apr 11th

Juggling Act

As a deadline on a land-lease looms, Bobby juggles the logistics of managing two logging sites. With Corbett Timber breathing down the company's back, Murphy's Law hits, testing the mettle of the crew and putting Bobby's reputation on the line.
Apr 11th

Down To The Wire

Bobby manages his split crew and tensions rise as mechanical issues set them back. With an expiring land lease threatening to shut them down, Bobby must meet a looming deadline in order to uphold his reputation as the best swamp logger in the business.
Apr 13th

Rainy Days

With the crew together again on one tract, Bobby and his team move to the backside of the Hillburn tract where abundant high value timber awaits them. But rainy days and one mechanical issue after another creates setbacks.
Apr 14th


After being plagued by bad weather and one breakdown after another, the crew hopes to regain some ground and finally take advantage of the prime timber on the Hillburn tract. But mechanical nightmares and mill restrictions continue to set them back.
Apr 15th

Truck Wars

Bobby and his crew continue to battle disappointing load counts on the Hilburn tract. A truck shortage, bad weather and giant trees hinder progress and then dissention flares amongst the crew. Bobby employs new tactics to try to gain the upperhand.