Yukon Gold


Upcoming episodes

Jan 31st

Treasure Hunt

Karl finds new gold with old maps; Nika and Chris find their first gold of the season; Bernie struggles to get started. Permit problems stall the beginning of Ken and Guillaume’s season.
Jan 31st

Hard Rain, Bad Luck

Karl struggles to find gold after a heavy rain; Nika and Chris’ new crew member Nick gets their only dozer hopelessly stuck in the mud of the new cut; Big Al makes steady progress rehabilitating, but has a disappointing gold haul; Bernie pushes his sluice plant “Bouncing Betty” to the limit.
Jan 31st

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

After an early setback, Big Al questions his instincts; Ed and Riley struggle to transport a sluice plant to their remote mine site; bad weather causes a roadblock for P.J. and Andy.
Jan 31st

Not Beaten

Big Al’s health declines; Chris St. Jean deals with a rookie mine hand; P.J. and Andy face floods and breakdowns.
Jan 31st

The Hiro Curse

Hiro’s Curse returns for Big Al; unstable ground shuts down Chris and Nika.
Jan 31st

Hard Lessons

Chris risks his season on a new cut; Andy tries to manage the mine alone while P.J. heads south to visit his family; Ed and Riley go hunting, but head back to their claim when their sluice plant’s bearings act up.
Jan 31st

No Backing Down

Desperate, Big Al pushes Hiro to his limit; Chris looks to salvage his season; P.J. and Andy’s camp experiences a mini-revolt.
Jan 31st

The Cost of Gold

Big Al’s plans are thwarted by no-show staff; P.J.’s wife has concerns regarding mining and their family; Ed and Riley run out of fuel.
Jan 31st

The Razor’s Edge

P.J. and Andy’s investor gives them an ultimatum; Chris discovers something that could lead to a big payout; Ed and Riley’s season may end early.
Jan 31st

Winter’s Grasp

Al faces breakdowns that threaten his profit; desperate, P.J. and Andy start a night shift; Ed and Riley make a final effort to prove themselves.