Yukon Gold


Upcoming episodes

Apr 6th

Double Down

Nika's little brother Daylen gets in the way; when his main sluicing water pump stops, Big Al is shut down; Ken and Guillaume’s two sluice plant plan turns into a disaster; Karl and his crew go to a charity golf tournament.
Apr 7th

Old Timers’ Revenge

Big Al revives an old passive “push-in sluice box” in a last-ditch effort to keep sluicing; Karl brings in help to hit his goal; Chris and Nika get help from Chris’ family when they check their gold haul. Bernie finds extensive Gold Rush-era mine shafts under his claim, ending his season.
Apr 8th

Race to the Finish

Big Al risks his health to break even; Nika’s brother Daylen makes a surprising decision; Ken and Guillaume dig deep; Karl tries to top his goal.
Apr 9th

Grit, Guts & Glory

A special retrospective episode of the previous four seasons featuring all six crews. Includes some scenes never before broadcast.
Apr 10th

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

After an early setback, Big Al questions his instincts; Ed and Riley struggle to transport a sluice plant to their remote mine site; bad weather causes a roadblock for P.J. and Andy.
Apr 12th

Not Beaten

Big Al’s health declines; Chris St. Jean deals with a rookie mine hand; P.J. and Andy face floods and breakdowns.
Apr 12th

The Hiro Curse

Hiro’s Curse returns for Big Al; unstable ground shuts down Chris and Nika.
Apr 13th

Hard Lessons

Chris risks his season on a new cut; Andy tries to manage the mine alone while P.J. heads south to visit his family; Ed and Riley go hunting, but head back to their claim when their sluice plant’s bearings act up.
Apr 14th

No Backing Down

Desperate, Big Al pushes Hiro to his limit; Chris looks to salvage his season; P.J. and Andy’s camp experiences a mini-revolt.
Apr 15th

The Cost of Gold

Big Al’s plans are thwarted by no-show staff; P.J.’s wife has concerns regarding mining and their family; Ed and Riley run out of fuel.