Yukon Gold


Upcoming episodes

Jun 8th

Home Stretch

Ken and Guillaume face a dangerous situation. Karl finally hits a pay streak. Cam tries to finish his season on a positive note.
Jun 9th

Final Push

Nika and Chris push through the final week of the season. Low temperatures freeze Karl’s sluicing plant. Ken and Guillaume get a huge surprise.
Jun 11th

Looking Back

In a special retrospective episode, the miners recap their highs and lows of the season, and reveal their plans for next season.
Jun 11th


Now in a wheelchair, Big Al returns to gold mining; Bernie clashes with his son; Karl finds gold right away; Chris reunites with Nika and their kids.
Jun 11th

Treasure Hunt

Karl finds new gold with old maps; Nika and Chris find their first gold of the season; Bernie struggles to get started. Permit problems stall the beginning of Ken and Guillaume’s season.
Jun 11th

Hard Rain, Bad Luck

Karl struggles to find gold after a heavy rain; Nika and Chris’ new crew member Nick gets their only dozer hopelessly stuck in the mud of the new cut; Big Al makes steady progress rehabilitating, but has a disappointing gold haul; Bernie pushes his sluice plant “Bouncing Betty” to the limit.
Jun 11th

Embrace the Chaos

Nika and Chris face an excavator breakdown and water problems; just when Ken and Guillaume’s mining permits are approved, Ken’s wife wants him home for their child’s birth; Bernie’s son Jarret goes AWOL. Karl has a poor cleanup after betting on unproven ground.
Jun 11th

For Blood or Money

Big Al’s gamble pays off; Bernie argues with his son Justin; Ken and Guillaume sluice before Ken has to leave for his child’s birth; Karl’s team tries to sluice 200 ounces of gold in a week.
Jun 12th

Desperate Times

Nika and Chris face an excavator repair they can’t afford; Guillaume has trouble while Ken is away; Karl asks his family for help; Bernie gets a surprise.
Jun 12th

Hurts Like Hell

Breakdowns shut down Nika and Chris’ mine; Big Al remembers his wife’s death; Ken and Guillaume try to save their season; Bernie and his team have a big payoff.