Brojects in the House


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Mar 25th

Theatre Batting Cage

A trip to the multiplex to hit up a baseball movie inspires brothers Andrew and Kevin to make a double play and squeeze two of their favorite pastimes into their new lodge hall. Proving once again that they're in league of their own, these boys of summer are aiming to knock one out of the park with their latest project, one that satisfies both their passion for flicks on the big screen and also the grand old game: a home theatre that doubles as a interactive batting cage.
Mar 25th

Hot Tub Ski Chalet

Brothers Andrew and Kevin know that the perfect topper to a fun day on the slopes is chillaxing out in the chalet afterwards and indulging in the quintessential apres-ski experience. That's why this week, they're looking to bring all of luxuries of a destination ski resort under the snow-covered roof of their new spacious abode. A hot tub, warm comfy seating, a new fireplace, yummy food, and alpine-chic touches are just some of the features that are sure to keep this party from going downhill.
Mar 25th

House Beach

While their engineer pal Walker is basking in the sun and sand at a Caribbean resort, brothers Andrew and Kevin are stuck inside their big new house on a cold and blustery February day. Looking to escape the winter blahs, the brothers are determined to join their jet-setting compatriot, if not in body, then in spirit -- because if they can't come to the beach, then the beach is coming to them. Expect temperatures and tempers to rise as the boys bring the tropics indoors with their house beach.
Mar 25th

Coffee Bar

Brothers Andrew and Kevin are looking to generate some real buzz with their latest project, where they convert a corner of their lodge hall's dark and dingy basement into a hip new Coffee Bar! With their engineer pal Walker along for the ride, the boys will need to stay on the grind, filter out the bad ideas, and brew up a special blend for this build... otherwise the bros' dream of becoming Buckles Baristas might quickly drip away!
Apr 1st


When brothers Kevin and Andrew took possession of an empty lodge hall earlier in the year, they began with a clean slate. But with their new home nearing completion, that slate isn’t so clean anymore and neither are they. It’s finally time to freshen up so they’re letting the ideas flow and pouring their efforts into building the ultimate shower. With its unique water-conserving infinity loop system, handcrafted showerheads, reading chair, waterproof guitar, wall-mounted entertainment system, and of course, beer on tap, this is one showpiece shower that is sure to make a splash.
Apr 1st

Indoor Pool

Brothers Kevin and Andrew are looking to make a splash by bringing year-round swimming into the basement of their ultimate retreat. Nostalgic for the summer pool parties of their youth, they’re floating the idea of their very own Indoor Pool. Modelled after an idyllic suburban backyard, their unique setup will be highlighted by a space-saving swim-in-place stationary pool and custom-built swimming contraptions. But faced with the possibility of catastrophic floods and electrocution, the guys are headed into dangerous waters and better hope that there are no leaks in their plan!
Apr 1st

Courtyard Fire Pit

it's cozy, warm and inviting -- the only problem is that it's actually their neighbour's. After overstaying their welcome and finally getting the boot, the brothers are now looking to create an outdoor space to call their own by bringing the favorite feature of their old lakeside cabin to their new ultimate retreat with their Courtyard Fire Pit. Combining fun, friends, a roaring fire, and plenty of Brojects flair, theirs will surely be a backyard to boast about.
Apr 1st

Book Nook

a novel, tucked-away alcove that puts a premium on privacy, where the bros can go to relax, recharge and most importantly, read. With only a few days to complete its innovative beehive-inspired design, unique encyclopedia archway, and comfy, reclined seating, the guys’ll have to book it to get it all done in time or else be forced to shelve the project.