Brojects in the House


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May 20th

Indoor Pool

Brothers Kevin and Andrew are looking to make a splash by bringing year-round swimming into the basement of their ultimate retreat. Nostalgic for the summer pool parties of their youth, they’re floating the idea of their very own Indoor Pool. Modelled after an idyllic suburban backyard, their unique setup will be highlighted by a space-saving swim-in-place stationary pool and custom-built swimming contraptions. But faced with the possibility of catastrophic floods and electrocution, the guys are headed into dangerous waters and better hope that there are no leaks in their plan!
May 20th

Book Nook

a novel, tucked-away alcove that puts a premium on privacy, where the bros can go to relax, recharge and most importantly, read. With only a few days to complete its innovative beehive-inspired design, unique encyclopedia archway, and comfy, reclined seating, the guys’ll have to book it to get it all done in time or else be forced to shelve the project.
May 20th

Indoor Kids' Campground

Brothers Kevin and Andrew, along with their engineer pal Walker, will have their hands full this weekend as they’ve been tasked with daddy duty. Their wives have dropped off the wee ones at their ultimate retreat, and now it's up to the fellas to create a safe and fun space for their children to run wild. They’re building the Indoor Kids' Campground, an enchanting camping experience that takes the great outdoors indoors, complete with a tent-themed hideaway, a forest of faux trees, comfy log seating, rope swings, fishing games and a child-friendly campfire.
May 20th

Scotch Golf Den

an indoor Highland getaway with all the sights, sounds, and tastes of Scotland. Paying tribute to both the Scottish national sport and drink, they’re taking a swing at pairing 18 holes of the top links courses in the world via an immersive golf experience, with the finest 19th Hole as well — a unique sand trap-inspired whisky bar stocked with top-notch single malt scotch. Chip in a splash of bagpipes and a slice of haggis, and their guests will be proclaiming “Great Scot!”.