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Simulation technology, computer-generated effects and rare archival footage interact in vivid re-creations of vintage aerial wartime dogfights.


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Feb 21st

Jev Vs Jet

In the skies above North Korea, a new kind of air war is raging at 500mph...jet vs. jet dogfighting for the first time in history. American pilots bravely pit their F-86 Sabres against Communist MiG-15s. They will re-define air combat in pursuit of a previously unknown glory...the title of "Jet Ace." Their missions are fraught with peril. The new jet aircraft fly at nearly twice the speed of the piston-driven fighters of WWII. At edge of the speed of sound, life or death is decided in fractions of a second and tactics have to evolve quickly to meet the break-neck pace of jet combat. On May 20, 1950, Capt. James Jaraba rushes headlong into combat despite a malfunctioning jet. He claims his fifth and sixth victories in the resulting dogfight, becoming the first American ace of the jet age.
Feb 22nd


Machine gun fire rips through the fuselage. Flames fill the cockpit and the aircraft plummets in a wild spin. But time and again the pilot of a P-47 Thunderbolt pulls out and keeps on fighting. Over occupied Europe, the P-47 Thunderbolt blazed a reputation as the most rugged fighter of WWII. Pilot Robert S. Johnson flies with the renowned 56th fighter group. His flight is jumped by 16 deadly Focke-Wulf 190s. As hundreds of enemy rounds impact his fighter, Johnson's life depends on the legendary protection his armored cockpit affords. In June 1944, Lt. George Sutcliffe enters the fight of his life in an effort to escape 40-plus Me109s looming above him. The Thunderbolt's defensive capabilities inspired confidence in its pilots. But the aircraft was a dogfighter at heart.
Feb 28th

Desert Aces

Giora Epstein, Israel’s Ace of Aces, leads a four ship of Nesher aircraft towards the Suez Canal. His flight is snared in a lethal trap - 20 MiG-21s spring up from below. A swirling furball develops in one of the biggest delta-wing combats in history.
Mar 1st

Gun Kills Of Vietnam

The battlefield above Vietnam in the mid-to-late 60s -- the missile age has arrived. Electronic warfare is coming of age. The days of conventional dogfighting are thought to be long over. But the limitations of the latest combat technology force many pilots to settle their scores the old-fashioned way…close in, with guns.