Hogs Gone Wild


Upcoming episodes

Dec 17th

Hog Assault

Dr. West and Renee chase hogs that are bulldozing a world-class Hawaiian golf course. Josh and Krystal scour a Texas family vineyard for a pack of roving hogs. Bryan and Tim race to clear endangered sea turtle egg-eating hogs off a Florida beach.
Dec 22nd

Hog Drive

Dr. West and Renee hold a Hawaii style "hog drive". Josh and Krystal race to clear a group of hogs eating their way through an exotic game ranch in Texas. Bryan and Tim track a pack of hogs that have been tearing up a Florida widow’s backyard.
Dec 22nd

Bully Boars

Josh and Krystal’s star dog Riddick faces danger in the line of duty. Bryan and Tim clear hogs out of a Florida youth camp before the kids arrive. Dr. West and Renee attempt to round up an entire pack of hogs before they destroy a Hawaiian ranch.
Dec 22nd

Man Vs Beast

Feral hogs threaten a pre-school in Florida, run rampant across a Texas deer ranch, and keep a woman in Hawaii housebound. It’s up to local trappers to fight back against these dangerous invaders.
Dec 23rd

A Feral Fight

Feral hogs rampage through an exclusive gated community in Tampa, wipe out a crop of valuable macadamia nuts in Hawaii, and threaten a large herd of cattle on a Texas ranch.
Dec 24th

Wild Hog War

A mother and daughter live in fear in Hawaii when wild hogs surround their home. Texas trappers track down hogs polluting a natural water source. A 400-pound monster hog puts up a frenzied fight in Florida.