I'm Alive


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Feb 27th


A deputy sheriff faces overwhelming odds after being bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking deep in the woods, and Hawaiian native Tonga Loumoli begins a fight for his own life after being impaled in the chest by a crocodile needlefish.
Mar 3rd


A lifeguard is attacked by a great white shark in South Africa, and karate instructor Bruce Kanegai faces a frightening race against time after being bitten by a rattlesnake.
Mar 3rd

Out Of The Blue

A family is swarmed by Africanized "killer" bees in rural Texas, and a wedding anniversary is cut short when Krishna Thompson is attacked by a bull shark in the Bahamas.
Mar 3rd


A visit to a chimpanzee sanctuary in Sierra Leone turns to tragedy as a group of friends are thrust into a brutal fight for their lives, and a father clings to life after being bitten by a European viper.
Mar 4th

Last Man Standing

On a remote Alaskan Island, Dr. John Raster's annual vacation turns to horror when he is mauled by a brown bear. Deep in the South African bush, hundreds of miles from safety, a deadly black mamba strikes wildlife researcher Danie Pienaar.