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Jul 19th

Glitz City (Mgm)

In Las Vegas -- the quintessential city of razzle-dazzle and bling -- MGM is going for the ultimate one-upmanship. The Hollywood lion is building a 31-hectare mini-city with all amenities for those living there or visiting. It’ll cost a cool $9 billion -- the largest privately financed project in North America – ever. This is a story of a massive project being built in a very short time. It’s a logistical nightmare, says project manager Bill Smith. “One of my most important jobs is to manage harmony amongst the troops. It’s a pressure cooker, and not a lot of people want to be in that for a couple of years. So this ain’t for everybody.” It’s a good thing this town never sleeps because this construction site won’t either, with so much to do in so little time.
Jul 23rd

Venice Gates

It’s the ultimate engineering challenge: rescue the magnificent city of Venice, Italy, before it is drowned by the Adriatic Sea. A fantastic 5.5 billion dollar plan is taking shape. It’s called the “Mose project”, after the biblical saviour Moses. They’re constructing 78 massive floodgates, up to 29 metres tall, that will lie on the seabed. Whenever a dangerous high tide threatens the city the gates are supposed to rise from water and hold back the sea. The dynamic woman at the helm; Chief Engineer, Dr. Maria Theresa Brotto, declares, “Without the Mose, we will lose Venice.” But no one can predict when a colossal high tide will swamp the city and it’s a race against time for the workers of the Mose project.
Jul 24th

Big Rib (Aka Aker)

The Aker H6e is the biggest oil rig on the planet – built for the extreme conditions of the Barents Sea. Marine operations chief Knut Engebretsen and his team have tight deadlines for some major moves to put this monster together. They have to “skid” eight-thousand-ton hull pieces on rails across a giant yard. The steel deck that goes on top of the hull weighs more than 11,000 tonnes. Raising it up in the air 10 storeys will be one of the most extreme heavy lifts ever attempted. On top of these mega-challenges, this hardy crew of Norwegian engineers has to battle bad weather all the way.
Jul 25th

Bosphorus Tunnel

Digging in Istanbul, Turkey can be an adventure! Three empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, are buried one atop the other. So, in a city with 2600 years of history, engineers knew there would be delays in completing the $3.5 billion Marmaray Project, but no one dreamed this rapid transit system aimed at easing Istanbul’s chronic gridlock would be delayed for years!
Jul 26th

Illogical Crossing

The Sheikh Zayed Bridge will be the ultimate signature entrance to the world's richest city: Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. For its builders like structural engineer Mark Jones, manager of arch construction for Archirodon, the giant Middle East contractor, the bridge is a king size headache!
Jul 27th

Peak Power

Deep in Canada’s remote western coastal mountains, a new hydroelectric project called a Run of River is under construction. Glacial rivers running high in the mountain will be funneled down huge steel pipelines at a very sharp and exacting drop. Below the water will roar into a powerhouse to spin massive turbines and create electricity. From here power will travel out to the coast along a new transmission line cut through the bush.
Jul 30th

World Class Stadium

Cape Town is building a brand-new stadium for the next FIFA World Cup Games, but it’s the last World Cup project to get started. Australian Project manager Andy Fanton is struggling to keep it on schedule and make up for lost time.
Jul 31st

Spanning The Saigon River

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, engineers are raising a modern cable stayed bridge and spanning the Saigon River. Their goal: To save the city from horrendous traffic jams that impedes economic growth. Vietnam’s highway system no longer meets the needs and aspirations of this rising Southeast Asian nation. The outdated main route from southern Vietnam to Hanoi in the north cuts through the old downtown core of Ho Chi Minh City. The new bridge is the cornerstone in a plan to drive traffic away from the city’s streets, and speed up the travel time between north and south. The country’s economic future is at stake
Aug 1st

London Aquatics Centre

Big Ben, The Bloody Tower, and the Changing of the Guard; they all draw crowds to London England. But there’s another big attraction coming up soon. London is the host of the next summer Olympic and Paralympic games. Out in the east end, a huge Olympic park is taking shape -- 150 Hectares, an 80,000 seat stadium, a 4,000 square metre velodrome. The signature building of the London Olympics will be the glitzy new Aquatics Centre. It is the most innovative construction in the entire Olympic park
Aug 2nd


South Africa is a country in transformation. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994, changes continue to shift the social, economic and political landscape. The Gautrain, pronounced “how-train”, is a major $3 billion (US) commuter train project that will link Johannesburg and its International airport in the south and Pretoria in the north – in “Gauteng province.” In some ways it’s a symbol of the country’s transformation -- both its successes and limitations.