Modern Marvels

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Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination on a grand scale, "Modern Marvels" tells the amazing stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who create everyday items, technological advancements and manmade wonders.


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Oct 22nd

Combat Training

Sign up at the ultimate survival school, where soldiers learn to kill or be killed, and learn how the 21st century warriors are training today for the battlefields of tomorrow. We follow combat training throughout history, reviewing survival skills and psychological tools - from ancient Rome to World War One and Two - and learn how modern training is enhanced by advanced technology and computer simulation.
Oct 22nd

Video Games: Behind The Fun

A fun-filled glimpse into the not so distant history of video games. Since inception, the gaming industry has been a driving force in computer technology and video games are one of today's dominant entertainment mediums. We'll talk to creators of many of the most popular games in an hour packed with thrilling visuals from the virtual world of video games.
Oct 22nd

Physical Fitness: Quest For Muscle

Meet the Strong Men and Women who go beyond mere fitness to pursue major muscle mass - from ancient Greeks, to performers in the 1800s astounding audiences with feats of strength, the body builders of California's Muscle Beach! Lou Ferrigno and other star share stories of the pursuit of muscle. Also looks at the effect of steroids.