Myth Hunters


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Jan 18th

The Curse Of Montezumas Gold

Mysterious and bizarre deaths happen when an amateur prospector searches for lost Aztec treasure. Is this the curse of Montezuma’s Treasure at work?
Jan 20th

The Relics Of Joan Of Arc

Forensic pathologist Dr Philippe Charlier, known to the French as the “Indiana Jones of the graveyards” faces his biggest challenge yet: to uncover the truth behind the remains of France’s most famous daughter – Joan of Arc.
Jan 20th

The Quest For The Minotaurs Labyrinth

When a British Spy and adventurer goes on a quest to find the mythical Labyrinth, he uncovers a secret that rewrites history…
Jan 20th

The Legend Of Krugers Millions

A local newspaper editor and businessman in South Africa unwittingly finds himself at the epicentre of a legend of buried gold that began during the Boer War.