About the show

Boldly going where no science series has gone before, SCI TREK will take viewers to world’s they’ve only imagined.  From the infinitesimal threats of microbes to mining colonies on the Moon, this series will unravel scientific mysteries and provide glimpses into our hi-tech future.


Upcoming episodes

Feb 24th

New York Earthquake

New scientific evidence proves that active fault lines surround and criss-cross the Big Apple. Even iconic structures like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty are not immune to the wrath of an Earthquake in New York.
Feb 24th

Mining The Moon

When Humankind returns to the Moon, this time the plan is to mine its surface for hidden resources. Elements like hydrogen and oxygen, trapped in the lunar soil, are the keys to a permanent colony and for future missions to Mars and beyond.
Feb 24th

Killer Germs

They’re invisible killers -- and they’re everywhere. See deadly bacteria and viruses up close. And travel with the world’s leading microbe hunters as they attempt to locate and terminate these lethal organisms before they trigger the next pandemic
Feb 25th


With their large brains and stocky, powerful bodies, Neanderthals were a human force to be reckoned with. Then, 30,000 years ago, they disappeared forever. Now scientists are using DNA and other tools to uncover the secrets of these ancient humans.
Feb 25th

What Animals Think

Do animals have thoughts and emotions like we do? New information on primates, whales, dogs, and even birds, suggests we’re far from the only intelligent species on the planet. This show will challenge the very way we define what it is to be human.