About the show

Boldly going where no science series has gone before, SCI TREK will take viewers to world’s they’ve only imagined.  From the infinitesimal threats of microbes to mining colonies on the Moon, this series will unravel scientific mysteries and provide glimpses into our hi-tech future.


Upcoming episodes

Jun 30th

What Animals Think

Do animals have thoughts and emotions like we do? New information on primates, whales, dogs, and even birds, suggests we’re far from the only intelligent species on the planet. This show will challenge the very way we define what it is to be human.
Jun 30th

First Contact

From aliens showing up in our skies, to signals beamed from across the Cosmos, contact with an extraterrestrial race would be the biggest event in human history. Get ready to explore the technology, the dangers and the surprises of First Contact.
Jun 30th

Bolts Of Fire

Inexplicably, it kills some people in an instant while unleashing new talents in others. See startling research that shows how lightning is adding to our ozone, altering the composition of our atmosphere, and contributing to global climate change.
Jul 1st

What Animals Built

Find out how animals construct amazing engineering marvels that rival, and in some cases surpass, our own. These incredible structures, like spider webs, bee honeycombs, and beaver dams, can even teach us how to build more efficiently in the future.