About the show

Boldly going where no science series has gone before, SCI TREK will take viewers to world’s they’ve only imagined.  From the infinitesimal threats of microbes to mining colonies on the Moon, this series will unravel scientific mysteries and provide glimpses into our hi-tech future.


Upcoming episodes

Dec 17th

Big Bang

In one colossal burst, our entire universe came into being – energy, matter, stars and planets. Take a look at the future technologies that will hopefully allow physicists to explain what exactly happened in those first moments when it all began.
Dec 24th

Catch A Liar

Most people lie at least once or twice a day. It ranges from "lwhite lies" to damaging cons that cost lives. Find out if there’s such a thing as a foolproof technology for deception detection – a signature of lying as obvious as Pinocchio’s nose.