Storm Chasers

About the show

Anyone who has seen "The Wizard of Oz" knows that an oncoming tornado is nothing to trifle with, but "extreme filmmaker" Sean Casey takes viewers right into the heart of Tornado Alley and inside the storms themselves to capture valuable research data and unprecedented footage.


Upcoming episodes

Nov 16th

When Parts Fly

The TIV's axle is still in two pieces but soon, the whole team is back in action. Reed and Joel (along with Reed's girlfriend Jene Young) intercept a supercell near Lamesa, Texas. The team ( nearly get struck by lightning and nearly catch a violent tornado. The TIV, while chasing in Texas, near Amarillo, loses two of its ten tires. A stone gets caught in the brakes and TIV 2 is out of action again.
Nov 19th

Mutiny On The Plains

As the season continues, Reed meets up with Sean and Josh while chasing in Kansas. Josh tries to wait and get good data, but Sean is not happy with Josh's decisions. Sean takes TIV 2 for a spin as he (and Reed) try to intercept in Arkansas. Despite this, Sean cannot catch the Arkansas cells. Reed had driven throughout the night to intercept a supercell late in the day. Josh confronts Sean the next day after the break-up the night before. They revisit Greensburg, Kansas, after getting destroyed by the EF-5 last year.
Nov 20th

Nightmare On Dow Street

Six problems with TIV 2 makes Sean abandon it. He decides to go back with the original TIV and it makes a heroic return. Reed chases just 20 miles away from a deadly tornado in England, Arkansas while Stuttgart, Arkansas gets destroyed as an EF-3 rips through. The science team and the TIV are trying to intercept the storm in Stuttgart. While chasing, Josh gets a disturbing call as a line of supercells forms just 50 miles from their overnight position. The science team is in Stuttgart when the tornado forms and the team is now being chased. The TIV intercepts the tornado, just after the DOW (Doppler on Wheels) crosses the path of the twister.
Nov 21st

Road Hazards

The DOW team is in crisis as the radar refuses to work. Justin Walker, the lead forecaster in the team, scoops the team up. Meanwhile, the scout team, led by Danny Cheresnick and Aaron Rupert, struggle to escape a ditch before a tornado forms and bears down on them. Josh tries to fix the DOW and only figures out what it is, too late in the day for any chasing.
Nov 23rd

Hail To The Beast

As both teams try to gain the perfect shot, Reed's girlfriend Jene Young gets lost in a hailstorm and nearly gets hit by a tornado. Meanwhile, the science team hands over to Karen Kosiba, a PhD student in the DOW, who tries to make the teams drive into a high-precipitation supercell to intercept a tornado.
Nov 26th

Tornado Showdown

It is the last week of the season. Both teams chase deep into Nebraska as a cell produces a tornado in Kearney, Nebraska. The TIV intercepts. While Sean is in a tornado, the team chase a supercell in Kansas when they nearly get hit by a tornado, but deploy their high-definition probe into the tornado. The TIV has only one more opportunity to make the intercept. The chase is on.
Nov 27th

Storm Catchers

The season begins with the TIV team and their Doghouse support vehicle, the TVN team in their SRV Dominator, and the Twistex Team. Reed and the TVN team have early success, nearly driving their new vehicle directly into an EF-1 tornado in Oklahoma. The TIV team, still chasing in TIV1, while waiting for the repairs/modifications on TIV2 to be completed, has a bad first day when communications and navigation problems cause them to miss a potential intercept.
Nov 28th

Bigger In Texas

Sean and Reed have a tense and awkward meeting at the New Mexico border. Sean, who was already annoyed at Reed's early success and general attitude, was further annoyed by Reed's new vehicle, the SRV Dominator, which he felt was a blatant attempt to copy his TIV idea. The Twistex team has a successful day, coming within a few hundred feet of an EF2 tornado. The TVN team enjoys slightly less success without their usual driver, Joel Taylor. The TIV team has another bad day, as communication problems once again cause them to miss a valuable intercept, and taking a muddy road causes both TIV1 and Doghouse to get stuck.
Nov 29th

Highway To Hail

Reed steps up his science to take on Dr. Josh Wurman's massive research project. However, when his decision to mount a small radar on his vehicle threatens to interfere with Dr. Wurman's project, tensions between the two rise. TVN's driver Joel Taylor has second thoughts about chasing with the team, when his and Reed's relationship becomes strained. With his much improved TIV2 finally out of the shop, Sean is feeling confident and happy to rejoin his old chasing partner, Dr. Wurman and his new VORTEX2 project. However, when Dr. Wurman seem less than thrilled to see Sean, and makes it clear that getting TIV2 inside a tornado is no longer high on his list of priorities, Sean is somewhat offended, and decides to resume chasing alone with Doghouse, at least temporarily.
Nov 30th

Inside The Tornado!

TIV2 suffers another mechanical failure, leaving Sean Casey on the sidelines. Joel Taylor decides not to chase with Reed and instead joins the SCOUT team of Danny Cheresnick and Aaron Ruppert on a chase in Oklahoma. However, on the same day, Reed and the TVN team become the first to record ground-level radar data from inside a tornado when their SRV Dominator is engulfed by a vortex near Kirksville, Missouri. Nearby, the TWISTEX team has close encounters with the same storm system.Also joining the TVN team is a guy named Hank Reinhardt.