Swamp Loggers

About the show

Bobby Goodson leads a rugged crew of loggers into the swamps of North Carolina in search of valuable hardwood. A fourth-generation logger, Goodson and his team must battle harsh terrain, even harsher weather, and a rough economy to keep the family business afloat. But as demand for the hardwood wanes, Goodson faces tough choices as he tries to keep Goodson All Terrain Logging out of the red.


Upcoming episodes

Dec 14th


After being plagued by bad weather and one breakdown after another, the crew hopes to regain some ground and finally take advantage of the prime timber on the Hillburn tract. But mechanical nightmares and mill restrictions continue to set them back.
Dec 17th

Truck Wars

Bobby and his crew continue to battle disappointing load counts on the Hilburn tract. A truck shortage, bad weather and giant trees hinder progress and then dissention flares amongst the crew. Bobby employs new tactics to try to gain the upperhand.
Dec 18th

Put To The Test

Justin is left in charge and put to the test as the crew works from two decks to reach the elusive 100-load goal by week's end. But in order to conquer the Hilburn Tract, a new road must be stabilized.
Dec 19th

Wake Up Call

While preparing to move to a new tract, mill quotas hamper their efforts and Bobby is admitted to the hospital
Dec 20th

Murphy'S Law

Bobby and Justin are out of town so Dave is in charge of the swamp. The crew falls behind and a hurricane threatens.
Dec 21st

Snow Days

Bobby Goodson welcomes a new crewmember to his team and prepares to move to a fresh tract of land. But an irate landowner and a winter storm that brings 6 inches of snow may stop Bobby and his crew cold on their tracts.
Dec 24th

Road Warriors

Bobby and his crew are put to the test as the logging roads threaten to shut the company down. With the waters rising, and the crew struggling to get wood to the mill, Bobby discovers he has some furry competition that slows his progress in the swamp.
Dec 25th

Land Dispute

As Goodson All-Terrain nears completion on the Smith Tract a dispute over a neighboring property line, a surprise announcement from Corbett Timber and a crewmember’s resignation stand in the way of the company getting its first 100-load week in months.
Dec 26th

Hell Of A Week

As Goodson’s All-Terrain winds down on one tract and prepares to move to another, Bobby’s stress level rises when a permit snag threatens the move with a costly delay and a key member of the crew faces a medical emergency.
Dec 27th

Crisis Of Faith

Goodson’s All-Terrain loses a key member of the crew when Bo is put on a ventilator in the ICU. As Bobby’s crew struggles to work with a man down, the entire logging family copes with Bo’s illness and rallies the community for a benefit on Bo’s behalf.