December 5th

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Hardcore Pawn

The Drag Race

When Les puts the kibosh on Seth's outlandish plan to boost business, father and son head to the race track to decide who's boss. Plus, Ashley shows off her haggling skills on a mannequin outfitted in bondage gear, but not before having some fun窶ヲat Bobby J's expense.
Hardcore Pawn
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Hardcore Pawn

Lights, Camera, Drama!

The Golds gear up to shoot a new commercial for the store which can only mean drama. All Les cares about is putting out a good product, but will everyone be happy with the final result? Plus the shop gets a handful of sexy, when a woman tries to find her perfect mink coat.
Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

Karen's Big Idea

When Karen convinces Les to let her bring in a Feng Shui expert, will it boost sales and bring in positive energy? Ashley and Seth have some serious doubts. Plus, Seth gets an opportunity to buy a piece of Detroit Tigers history when a customer brings in four game-used bases from the 2011 playoffs.
Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn

The Estate Sale

Ashley and Les hit the road to get first dibs on a huge estate sale, but will they find treasure or fool's gold? Seth takes a custom Corvette go-kart for a spin but pumps the brakes on the deal when the 12-year-old owner tries to play hardball. Plus, what price is Karen willing to pay to get her hands on a piece of '70s movie memorabilia?
Hardcore Pawn


Ivan The Terrible

Ivan the Terrible, Russia's first Tsar, led a brutal and unpredictable life. A renowned sadist, Ivan was the originator of Russia's secret police. He fortified walls to counter the advancing age of artillery, expanded the borders of his nation and built a new generation of Kremlins. Follow a team of historical detectives who use evidence from recent excavations, scientific studies and historical documents to piece together clues to what Ivan's Russia looked like. Computer graphics will allow viewers to fly over, enter the streets, walk through the halls and peer into the world of Russia's Terrible Tsar.