November 29th

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Auction Kings

Sugar Ray Leonard’s Benz, WWII Dive Suit

This week at Gallery 63, Sugar Ray Leonard’s first Mercedes Benz drives onto the block; a rare WWII US Navy Dive Suit is up for grabs; and a License Plate Map of the USA prompts a clash of opinions.
Auction Kings
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Storage Wars: Texas

Fistful of Auctions, A

When the buyers head to the conservative town of Burleson, Texas, they find items that are anything but ordinary! Moe Prigoff is on the hunt for oddities. Lesa and Victor battle for a store display worth $8000. While Ricky and Bubba find what they believe is an electric hemorrhoid donut. Faster than lightning, more powerful than a steaming locomotive when the buyers head to this Texas Bible belt, the competition gets weird.

Storage Wars: Texas

High Tea Tighty

A tornado is coming! When the buyers head to East Texas, the race is on to grab a locker before the storm hits. Ricky and Bubba go after a table with an ancient purpose. Victor tries to talk Moe out of a disastrous investment. While Jerry and Lesa stumble across some radioactive materials. In the wake of the storm, two buyers will have to band together to turn a profit. Who will nab a locker and who will be running for shelter?

Storage Wars: Texas

For a Few Lockers More

In the city of Irving, the buyers are on the hunt for old heirlooms. Victor employs some underhanded tactics to rattle the competition. Jerry and Lesa find some valuable roping gear. Ricky and Bubba try to get the inside scoop from their connections. And one team scores a locker with a potential 50 grand hit. The big question at this auction: Who will find the diamond (or diamonds) in the rough?

Storage Wars: Texas

Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett

The buyers venture to a Fort Worth facility with the potential for low costs and huge finds. Ricky and Bubba find football autographs, which may or may not prove authentic. Lesa Lewis buys a unit to prove she's no bottom feeder. And Victor Rjesnjansky goes head to head with hell on wheels. When a locker filled with high-end furniture goes up for sale, the race is on for a potential US$100,000 score.

Cajun Pawn Stars

Donkeys and Dollars

Settle in for some southern hospitality as the Cajun Pawn Stars face the most expensive item to ever breeze through their doors. Pairs of 5 and 10 thousand dollar bills, will this rare currency inflate to the tune of one million or will the guys find something funny with this money? Then, Jimmie drives down memory lane to find a 1930s Bonnie and Clyde model Ford. Can Jimmie fire on all pistons to make a deal or will negotiations come to a screeching halt? And later, the shop meets a regular customer looking to pawn his herd of donkeys. Known for his soft spot for animals, will Jimmie make room at his Silver Dollar zoo or is he biting off more than he can chew?

Cajun Pawn Stars

Sweet and Sour

Come spin up some excitement with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a rare long lost first album by rock and country legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Will the gang put up some serious cash to make some sweet music or will a sour note cause the deal to tumble from the charts? Then, a local Deputy Sheriff tries to sell his Civil War era Colt Dragoon revolver. Hoping the cash will help pay for his daughter's wedding, will the guys have their sights set to foot the bill for the filet mignon or will they choose bologna rolls? And later, Jimmie and Tammie look to befriend in a mischievous pygmy goat for sale. Will this tiny animal fit itself into a great buy or will this pint-sized goat have too much of an adult-sized price?

Hardcore Pawn

To Catch a Thief, Part 2

With a thief in their midst, the Golds set up a sting to try and catch the culprit. But when the police are called in, will there be enough evidence? And could he have an accomplice? At American Jewelry, no one can be trusted. Meanwhile, a quirky customer with uncanny timing brings in a vintage cop car that might just push Les over the edge.

Hardcore Pawn

Frisky Business

After a devastating betrayal by their head of security, the Golds must crack down to protect themselves and their business - but when Seth's security measures go too far, he finds himself in the line of fire from Les, Ashley, and the entire staff. Plus, Les goes back to the future for a one of a kind car - but will his customer back out of a deal?

Aussie Gold Hunters

Episode 12

"The Poseiden Crew are hunting for bush gold in an area with a history of bigfinds. Brent and Ethan get a tip-off about a patch where huge nuggets arerumoured to have been found and they waste no time investigating.The Victoria Diggers take delivery of parts for a new wet plant, a vital steptowards recovering fine gold from the stockpiles of dirt they’ve dug up. Mickand Neville also put their new top of the range metal detectors to the test.South of Kalgoorlie, the Gold Gypsies weigh up a tempting offer afterdiscovering their lease holds a high concentration of fine gold. The previousowner has offered to buy the lease back from them at a price four timeshigher than he sold it to them. Greg and Chris must decide whether to takethe money or try and set up their own lucrative hard rock mining operation."
Aussie Gold Hunters

Aussie Gold Hunters

Episode 13

"The Poseiden Crew face a new danger: Catastrophic bushfires that couldforce them to call a halt to their hunt for bush gold. Brent and Ethan havelicensing fees to pay on their new leases and families to feed, and have nochoice but to keep detecting in extreme conditions.At their remote ‘Galah’ lease, Shane and Russell have gambled their miningseason on recovering fine gold using a salvaged wet plant, nicknamed MrFragile. When it breaks down, they must find a replacement drive belt or seetheir dreams of becoming full-time miners slip out of reach.North of Kalgoorlie, the Gold Gypsies have started detecting at their new‘Eagle’ lease. By stripping away layers of topsoil, they hope to unearthalluvial nuggets. Greg and Chris find an early indication of gold, but theextreme heat risks putting an end to their search."
Aussie Gold Hunters

Shipping Wars

To The Moon and Back

A giant dog toy has Todd and Tamera chasing their tails as they try to navigate trailer issues and engine trouble. Jenn moves heaven and earth to take some small moon rocks from Houston to Phoenix.
Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars

Problems Set in Stone

Marc takes on an antique camper and Dusty transports a sculpture. But when Dusty picks up a side load and Marc makes a rookie mistake, they both find out they've signed on for a whole extra set of problems.
Shipping Wars